a.k.a. Personal URL -or- Personalized URL -or- Persistent Uniform Resource Locator -or- location-based URL -or- location based URL

A type of URL that acts as an intermediary for a real URL of a Web resource. When you enter a PURL in a browser the browser sends the page request to a PURL server which then returns the real URL of the page. 

A PURL generally adds the customer's name to the back end of the URL (or Web site address) so they are more inclined to click on or visit it. You can create a sample PURL using your own name at the end of personalurlgenerator.com. Separate your first and last name with a "."so it should look something like this: www.personalurlgenerator.com/firstname.lastname

PURLs are considered persistent because once a PURL is established, it never needs to change. The real address of the web page may change but the PURL remains the same.

"Personalized URL Marketing" is the technique of using your prospect's name as one of the response channels on a direct mail piece and following it up with highly targeted VIP landing pages. When your prospect visits his or her personal landing pages, they find exactly the information they expected based on the direct mail piece.

See also : persistent cookie  
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