personalize or personalization

To customize your computer screen or a Web site so that it reflects something about your individual tastes. For example, if you use a picture of someone as the wallpaper that adorns your desktop, that's one way of personalizing your GUI (just like renaming your hard drive or using a particular screen saver that scrolls a statement you've written). On the Web, it is convenient to personalize a portal so that it contains information particular to you. Whenever you see "My" in front of the Web site name, it represents an area of the site that supports personalization. You personalize it by choosing from a series of options to customize the information you want to appear on that page. For example, your horoscope, weather in areas you're interested in, and any number of news, sports, or entertainment feeds. Personalization also refers to the business practice of using information about consumers to send them tailored marketing messages at appropriate moments.

See also : browser skins  
NetLingo Classification: Technical Terms