Musical Instrument Digital Interface

(pronounced: mid-ee)

A connectivity standard that enables a user to hook together computers, musical instruments, and synthesizers to make and orchestrate digital sound.

The term MIDI is used to describe the standard itself, the hardware that supports the standard, and the files that store information the hardware can use. MIDI files are like digital sheet music, containing instructions for musical notes, tempo, and instrumentation. They are widely used in game soundtracks and recording studios.

MIDI sound files usually have an extension of MID. If you come across any of these files on the Internet, you will need a helper application configured to work on your system in order to play one of these sound files. MIDI files are just one of a few different file formats that can be embedded on a Web page with the "bg sound=" HTML tag, which causes the sound file to play when the Web page is accessed. Note: Sound files may not be supported by all browsers.

For a list of file extensions click here!

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