The name of an online video commercial that appears during an online video, it is typically :10 - :15 seconds in length. Once you click on certain online video links, you may be forced to watch a short commercial either before the video content (known as a pre-roll) during the video content (known as a mid-roll) or after the video content (known as a post-roll).

Mid-roll advertising resembles traditional TV commercials, and online advertisers claim it is better for three main reasons: 1) It has increased accountability (you are forced to watch it), 2) it targets a more engaged user due to its on-demand format (you clicked on the link to see it), and 3) it has a handy interactive component (you can take an action regarding the ad if you're interested). Some websites let you skip over the commercial spot, but most do not.

See also : pre-roll  post-roll  
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