a.k.a. hacktivism, online movement, activism on demand

A hacktivist is one who combines hacking skills with activism in order to attack (as in, shut down or deface) certain Web sites as a form of political protest (see: DDoS). Is is considered a form of electronic civil disobedience.

Hacktivism refers to the development and use of technology to foster human rights and the open exchange of information. There is a growing partnership against censorship between hackers, human rights activists and the academic community as proof that real hacktivism -- grass-roots resistance enabled by technology -- is a viable way to battle repression.

Historical perspective: The general idea of hacktivism was first articulated by John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in his 1996 "Declaration of Independence in Cyberspace." To read this declaration, click on the "more info" button.

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