a.k.a. browser extension, file extension

The characters after the dot in a file's name are the file's extension. They determine how the file is formatted and viewed. For example, a file named "index.html" is coded in HTML and therefore must be viewed with a compatible program (such as a Web browser or HTML editor). 

There are many different file extensions; in order to properly view a wide variety of files, you must get the corresponding "wide variety of programs" (by downloading them in most cases). You must then configure your computer to recognize these extensions (following each program's wizard).

Like many good Internet words, this term has [[morph or morphing|morphed] to mean an actual program, like a browser extension which adds extra features to your browser, and lets you control how websites load and behave.

For instructions on how to configure your computer to handle a wide variety of programs, click on "more info" below.

For a list of file extensions click here!

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