Directory Services Markup Language

(pronounced: dismal)

DSML is a representation of directory service information in an XML syntax.

Historical perspective: The DSML version 1 effort was announced in July 1999 by Bowstreet. Initiative supporters include AOL-Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Novell, Microsoft, and IBM. It resulted in a Document Type Definition for a file containing the XML representation of entries in the LDAP data model, similar in spirit to LDIF. The DSML version 2 was promoted in OASIS in 2001, resulting in an XML schema for the representation of directory access operations based on that of LDAP, that could be carried in SOAP. The Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML) also from OASIS is based on the concepts of DSMLv2, but doesn't have as tight a coupling to the LDAP information model.

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