a.k.a. unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV, flybot, delivery drone, unmanned flying delivery device

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as a UAV. It is an aircraft with no human pilot on board, instead its flight is controlled by computers in the vehicle or a remote control by a pilot on the ground.

Originally they were deployed for military and special operation units, and then also used in a number of civil applications, such as policing and firefighting, and nonmilitary security work, such as surveillance of pipelines.

Drones are a wide variety of shapes and sizes and characteristics. Historically, UAVs were simple remotely piloted aircraft, but autonomous control is increasingly being employed. 

Historical perspective: In March 2014, a federal judge ruled that the FAA did not have the authority to stop a Detroit florist from delivering flowers by drone. “Drones have arrived,” said the florist’s CEO, adding that test deliveries will resume.

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