A subculture and underground community (like the "rave scene") that is reported to include among its members the elite from the worlds of programming and computer-assisted composition and art. In Internet terminology, a demo is a noninteractive multimedia presentation, the computer world's equivalent of a music video.

Demos are usually made for business purposes to showcase computer hardware and/or software capabilities. In the "demoscene" however, demos are the work of computer enthusiasts who may spend many days (or even weeks or months) creating a demo, often without any external motivation (such as money or acclaim in the broader world). The typical demo creator (known as a "demomaker") is a male between the ages of 15 and 30, typically a student who is identified by a pseudonym. Because each demo may showcase several talents, demomakers with complementary skills often collaborate to form "demogroups."

Like the demomakers themselves, these are identified by a special name and create their own mystique and reputation. Demomakers gather frequently for "demoparties" which are arranged around competitions. Some of the largest demoparties have assembled more than 4,300 demomakers. The "demoscene" originated in Europe and is most active in Scandinavia, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, and France, although it is gradually making its presence felt in the rest of the world.

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