booth bunny

A disparaging name for the many attractive women who are hired to "man" industry trade show booths. Booth bunnies do not actually work for high-tech companies and usually have little or no knowledge about technology.

Historical perspective: Apparently Silicon Valley’s homogeneity has long had a trivial side effect: boring holiday parties. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the annual fetes of 2017 saw a surprising influx of attractive women, and a few pretty men mingling with the mostly male engineers. Why? They were being paid to. Local modeling agencies said tech companies approached them in record numbers and quietly payed $50 to $200 an hour per model to chat up party attendees. A typical shindig featured 25 female and five male models paid to hang out with pretty much all men working for a large gaming company in San Francisco. The tech firms make the models sign NDAs and give them names of employees to pretend they’re friends with.

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