anti-social networking

Like a social networking site, an anti-social networking site is a an online community of people however these sites exist for the sole purpose of specifying why certain people are your enemies and to see who considers you an adversary. Just as you might classify "friends" on Facebook, these kinds of sites let you build personal lists of "enemies."

Modeled after the age old saying "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" these websites are a much less friendly approach to social networking and are basically an open forum for abuse and aggression. On some of the sites you can befriend other haters of someone, track enemies with an "evil map," stay posted on the activity of "other fricking idiots," and send snubs to foes informing them that they are either "on notice" or "dead to me." C'mon people, summon a new spirit.

Here are a few examples of anti-social networking sites:

See also : cyberbullying  
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