In general adware refers to any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running. These ads are commonly viewed through pop-up windows or through a bar that appears on a computer screen. Adware is a nuisance because it continually interferes with what you are doing! The justification for adware is that it helps recover programming development cost and therefore holds down the cost for the user...we don't believe that is a rational justification for the intrustion of privacy.

Adware, like spyware, is a major cause for concern regarding privacy because it usually includes code that tracks a user's personal information and passes it on to third parties, without the user's authorization or knowledge. This practice has prompted an outcry from computer security and privacy advocates, including the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). It's become necessary to download and install anti-adware programs in order to protect your privacy and your data. The following resources are available as freeware to help computer users search for and remove suspected adware programs.

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