Words to Know if You are an Online Gamer

Everyone who's ever walked into a casino knows that casinos are not just a place to gamble and make or lose money. It's a way of life. It's like rock n roll or skateboarding. There are rules that you abide by in this world. And there is also a language that's specific to the lifestyle. There's jargon that's used in this kind of a lifestyle which you won't find anywhere else.

It's the same in the world of online gambling as well. The jargon is essential for those who are constantly checking out new online casinos like LeoVegas which you can read about here. Knowing the language not just gives the player an edge over the others, it's also a great way to interact and socialise with other players. A lot of casino goers can appear standoffish so language is a good ice-breaker. So without further ado, let's look at some words you should get a hang of.


This is a term that's used to describe a technique of throwing the dice that will guarantee an outcome that you desire. So you better get working on developing an "arm".


A buy-in is the total cash that you bring to the table. When you are in a casino and you go to the cash window to buy your chips, it's called a buy in.


This is similar to poker face which basically means employing ways to hide your intention. For example, a lot of poker players prefer to wear sunglasses so their eyes don't give away their hand. 


Having an edge is exactly what it sounds like. It means to have an advantage over your opponent. You can also call it house edge.

En Prison Rule

Sometimes, when players start losing in roulette, casinos can allow players to stake only half of their initial bet. They spin the wheel again without any more chips on the table. If the player wins, they get back their stake. This rule is called the En Prison Rule.


A flea is that irritating player who has strange expectations from the casino and wants all their demands to be fulfilled. Stay away from the flea if you find yourself at a land casinos especially now that they are open according to this article. 

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A payline on slot machines is where all the symbols come together to make a combination. Every slot machine will obviously have at least one of them. Some can have multiple.


The sum total of all bets that have been placed by players on a table is called the pot. The winner of the table takes the pot. You want to be the person. 

Royal Flush

All poker players know this one. It's your strongest hand which includes an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and a 10. We hope you get a lot of these.


A shill is someone who is gambling for the house. It's not technically gambling because the money belongs to the casino. The whole point of a shill is to keep the game moving.


These words could be a good beginning point for your entry into the world of casinos. And remember the most important word of them all - jackpot.