WinZip vs 7-Zip - Main Features

WinZip vs 7-Zip - Main Features

A quick search for 'compression tools for Windows' will give you Winzip and 7zip, but which one of them is better? More importantly, which software will be the right fit for what you need?


Both software has their own main websites and list of features. Both Winzip download and 7-Zip download are small and fast enough that you can get them installed in less than a minute or two.

Let's take a look at the main features, pros, and cons, and other things that can give you a more informed decision in the end.



The granddaddy of all zip utilities, Winzip has been around since the time of Windows 95, 98 and so on.


The latest version of Winzip is Winzip 23, which only goes to show you how far the software has gone.


By itself, Winzip can unzip all major formats, including zip, rar, tar, zipx and more. Plus, you get a file management platform that allows you to edit, open, move, find and share your files, whether they're located in a network, a computer or the cloud.


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Security is a major concern nowadays, and with Winzip you won't have to worry. All zipped files are encrypted to keep data and information from prying eyes. There's also the addition of watermarks, which deter unauthorized copying.


Winzip has evolved with the times, and now has a 'share anywhere' feature that allows users to send large files via instant messaging, social media, to the cloud or email. HTML links can be shared for faster access.




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7-Zip quickly gained prominence in the file compression world as a free and speedy file archiver. What's more, it brought its own file extension, the .7z with a promise of better compression and smaller files.


The software supports the unpacking and packing of popular formats such as zip, tar, gzip, xz and 7z. Unpacking is doable for these file types as well- fat, ext, xar, iso and many others.


As for security, the app boasts strong AES-256 encryption quality for their native 7z format. Integration with Windows is readily available, and it doubles as a capable file manager.


WinZip vs 7-Zip - Comparison


Compression Ability


Though there's a small size difference after compressing the same file, 7-Zip edges out WinZip.




Winzip has been around since time immemorial, which gives it the definite edge in compatibility. You can bet that any zip file can be opened on virtually any system platform, including the Mac, iOS and Android without having to download an app.




Both software have free versions, but that's where the similarity ends. 7-zip can work indefinitely as long as you keep it on your computer, while Winzip has a trial period of 21 days before reminding you to pay. Winzip standard costs $29.95, and the Pro version costs $59.95.


Compression Speed and Memory


In zipping and unzipping tests, Winzip came out as the clear winner. This is probably because Winzip has an algorithm that produces better compression quality and speed.


Winzip also uses less memory as compared to 7-zip, which is really handy when you're using a slower device, laptop or desktop computer.


Which is Better? Winzip or 7-zip?


Now it all boils down to which of the two compression utilities is better- Winzip, who has been around since forever, or 7-zip, the free, open-source newcomer?


When you read on the software's features you see that each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Winzip has better compatibility and support from other platforms, but it can only create zip files.


7-zip is free to download and use, but users can expect a hit in the compression and speed department. It can create several archive formats, e.g., bz2, zip or 7z though, which could be useful in the near future.


If you're looking for a quick, free and lightweight archiver, then you should get 7-zip. Basic work, such as unzipping files and setting up password-protected archives can be done with little to no trouble.


If you need more than that and are working towards a more flexible solution, then Winzip is for you. It works on several platforms, which will be a godsend if you intend to work across several devices, such as your smartphone and tablet. It's the clear choice if you want top-notch compression and decompression with zero delays