Why You Should Major in Finance

Finance is a popular major in most colleges with great potential to carve a fulfilling career in diverse industries globally. It is a field that covers money management and the creation of sustainable investments. If you are looking for the best degree program that will impact your daily life, then finance is a perfect choice. Most students think that you only have to be a math guru to pursue finance. While math is essential, you also need to be an effective communicator, critical thinker, and problem solver depending on your specialization.

Finance promises a rewarding career and helps you to become a better manager of your money. For instance, it may be creating a budget, saving a part of your salary, and investing in profitable ventures. Students who opt to study finance can work in various business roles, such as general manager, budget analyst, financial manager, loan officer, credit analyst, personal financial advisor, and financial analyst. You can get employment in government institutions, banks, or corporate organizations. Hence, the job market is quite favorable for finance degree holders.

However, it would help if you carried out independent research before settling to do finance. Know what it takes to become a financial expert. Are you ready to commit your effort, time, and money? Are you ready for long study hours to ace all your exams? If you choose to plunge into finance, you can seek help from professional essay writing service to ease your academic burden. Forget the anxiety of submitting substandard finance assignments and let the experts score you better grades to boost your academic performance.

Here are the reasons why finance is the right major.

Job Market

As mentioned above, finance has the potential of earning you employment in various industries. It guarantees you a job after graduation since it is quite marketable. Financial professionals are on demand since not many people know how to deal with financial matters. If you have a finance degree, you can work in investment companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies, plus many other financial institutions. 

Even if you fail to get formal employment, you can open up a consultancy business and become a personal financial advisor.

Career Growth

Many people want to pursue a degree program that offers a chance for growth in the corporate ladder. Research shows that finance has a growing percentage of growing job prospects globally. However, it’s better to keep abreast of what is currently happening in the job market. 

Many financial experts grow tremendously in their careers to become the most sought-after individuals in the corporate world and the personal lives of wealthy business people. 

Financially Rewarding

Besides having numerous job opportunities, finance offers lucrative remuneration packages. It offers the professionals a stable income that can go up to six figures depending on your role. Most of the financial job positions are managerial since money management is a critical aspect of both small and large organizations.

Students who major in finance are quite fortunate because it is a career field that withstands economic storms. Rarely will you find a company downsizing and laying off financial experts due to financial difficulties. If anything, the finance department should save the company by managing assets and investing in the right markets.


Students who major in finance are cautious when it comes to spending money. In a finance class, you are taught on budgeting, spending wisely, saving, and investing to create wealth. Finance plays a huge role in daily expenditures, such as buying groceries, household shopping, and living on a budget. It trains you to become a financial manager by practicing self-discipline, especially when it comes to consistently saving a percentage of your income. In the long run, you will lead a productive life and have savings for a rainy day in case any emergency arises.

Narrow Focus

Finance is business-related but with a narrow focus. If you want a diverse field, you can opt for accounting or business management degrees. Although it does not cover a wide array of disciplines, the major has numerous job opportunities for exploration. You are not limited to one area of expertise. Financial graduates can take over the boardroom in corporations, become financial analysts in banking halls, or financial managers in an investment firm. Identify your area of specialization and set yourself apart in the competitive job market.


Any intellectually capable individual can study finance and ace all the papers. But, to be an all-round financial expert requires more than a smart brain. You can be good with numbers, but with an introverted personality, the corporate world may be overwhelming if you are not a people’s person. A finance career needs an outgoing person with a bubbly personality. You should be an effective communicator to meet clients and explain about money markets and the best investment strategies. Thus, before you opt for a finance degree, ensure that your personality will not prevent you from getting the top job. 

Better Investment 

Finance is a helpful major since it teaches you how to invest money. No matter how inexperienced you are, you will learn the ropes and become a professional investor with time. Finance has topics on investments where you learn when, how, and where to invest to reap significant profits. Also, you will make smart decisions when it comes to capitalizing on either startups or large companies.

Although students have different abilities, interests, and passion, pursuing a finance degree will guarantee you a lucrative career due to the numerous job opportunities. However, it does not come easy since you have to put in the effort and time to attain impressive academic results. Ensure that you possess excellent interpersonal skills since you will be communicating with people in the workplace. Finance makes you a critical thinker as well as a problem solver since you are a financial analyst who advises clients on the best investment strategies that will create wealth. Apart from a degree, you must also be intelligent with a great personality to make it in the financial world.