What On Earth is the Metaverse?

It is the future. It is coming. It is where people will interact with each other. It’s going to take over our physical world.


Or, so you’ve heard about the metaverse. While many people think that is exactly the next step of the internet and its going to change the way we interact with our physical world – they are not completely wrong.

Metaverse is indeed a continuation of our present world. But one that runs on the back of the internet. Think of the metaverse as a space that can be accessed by a game controller of even your dusty old keyboard. While there are similarities between the metaverse and a video game, but they are not the same.

Tech developers and experts have all come together and are working to create an easy-to-access and easy to blend in metaverse. This can happen through tools like VR or AR. But we will talk about that separately.  


But Why the Metaverse

For people who ask why are people creating the metaverse? Well let me ask you – why indeed was the internet created? To globally connect people. And that is exactly what the developers of metaverse have in mind. They want to build a space where people can connect with each in real-time from all over the world.

Presently, Zoom and Microsoft Teams (which are the preferred video conferencing applications of 2020 and beyond) have a set limit to the number of participants they can allow. Even massively famous games like Fortnite (which has slowly turned to be the next social engagement platform) is only able to host a limited number of participants who can simultaneously interact with each other.

The game did boast 11 million views of the 2019 Marshmello concert. But there was over 100,000 rooms – each hosting only 100 participants at once – where the concert was held.

Our current technological prowess delimits our ability to offer discontinuous global real-time connectivity. In other words, having a million people react with each other simultaneously is very difficult. With the help of technological changes, metaverse solves this problem for us.  

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Possibilities Within the Metaverse

If everything goes out according to play, then you will be able to do almost everything. You can buy a piece of land, rent it, open a store on it, or perhaps give it to someone else where they can put up a billboard for marketing.

The proceeds that you make from doing any of that can be used to buy art, attend a concert, order pizza or do anything that you want! The possibilities of what you can do within the metaverse are truly limitless!

You just need your crypto wallet and you are sorted.


Make Money Via Metaverse

If you are an investor and are looking to diversify your portfolio, then you should definitely consider investing somehow in the metaverse. Let us say that you have a huge chunk of money. You can use it ot buy a land on any of the virtual real estate marketplaces.

You can then use that land to build anything of your choice (as discussed above). Or, you can even use that to rent it out to any of your friends. The only benefit is that you get paid in cryptocurrency which you can further convert to fiat. It is a win-win situation for you, isn’t it?

The blockchain powers the metaverse. Thus, many people think that it is decentralized. But there is a caveat. While there is not an administrative authority exerting its control, we never know if a huge corporation takes control of the metaverse – making it centralized.

Regardless, the truth is that the metaverse is coming and it is going to change our world.