Video Games That Changed The Industry

The video game industry today rakes in multi-billions. But it wasn’t always that way, and many key moments had to occur in order to turn gaming into the massive money maker it presently is.

But what were the key points in the video game world, shaping the modern industry? You can trace the transformation back to just a few specific titles, all of which were so wildly successful that they changed the industry forever.

Super Mario Bros

There were many, many retro games that came before the all-time classic Super Mario Bros. But none of those preceding games came close to achieving the same level of success. So what was it about Super Mario that captured so much attention?

Plainly put, an enormous amount of effort went into the title, with a strong focus on player enjoyment. Simple, yet engaging mechanics were used, along with a strong reliance on players being intelligent enough to learn key concepts. All in all, it was passion, attention to detail, and a love for the art that made this game find such an incredibly dedicate audience.


Back in 1993, when the technology did not yet even exist to implement live betting, a game was developed that would defy expectations on every level. Doom was a technological wonder, and although not technically 3D, it imitated 3D in a way that gamers at the time did not think possible.

Combined with violence, fast paced action, and incredible level design, Doom literally gave birth to the first person shooter genre.


If Doom gave birth to first person shooters, GTA 3, in 2001, gave birth to open world design. Another astonishing achievement in technological progress, and another massive, global success. Player were familiarised with the idea of an open world for the first time, and, of course, virtually every game afterwards quickly followed suit.

World Of Warcraft

The first iteration of World Of Warcraft released in 2004, and it redefined the concept of online play. Most prior online games had focused almost squarely on straightforward death-match mechanics, but now players became familiar with the idea of questing in groups, tackling enemies as a team, and supporting an entire guild.

Still going strong today and having one of the most dedicated fandoms in history, World Of Warcraft continues to dominated the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) genre.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Many competitive shooters came and went since the birth of Doom, which was followed quickly by Quake. But few managed to hold a truly dedicated, sizable fan base for longer than a few years. Then came CS:GO in 2012, virtually giving birth to the eSports world. Players learned what it was to approach gaming on a professional level for the first time, and for the first time, it also became possible to make a living playing video games.


CS:GO is still the biggest eSport title today, with millions upon millions of dedicated players, professional leagues, and ongoing, regular tournaments. If it were not for this game, and the approach taken by legendary developers Valve, eSports would almost certainly not be what it is.