Top Tips For Being A Better Team Gamer

Be your game of choice Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, or Rainbow Six: Siege, your teammates are going to be relying on you. If you don’t perform well, you’re going to let them down, and that can inevitably result in raised tempers.

Yes, practicing will always help. But if you aren’t adopting the right frame of mind, all the practice in the world isn’t going to help you be a better teammate. Take a look at some top tips that will help you be a better teammate, which will inevitably result in more wins for your team as a whole.

It’s A Group Effort

It probably need not be said, but it helps to be reminded; it is a team effort, not a solo effort. You can’t singlehandedly drag your entire team to victory, and if you try, chances are all you’re going to do is leave your team exposed, vulnerable and annoyed.

Remember that each person in a team has a role to play, and you should let them play that role. If someone in your team isn’t performing their role properly, it is best to support them until they get better, not try and do your role, and theirs. Support your team, don’t try and be a solo team.


Virtually every aspect of your chosen game will improve with better communication. If your team is asking for support, and you’re not answering because you’re checking out Australian betting sites during a match, things are going to end badly. Remember to be present, focus on the game, and engage your team accordingly.

It is also important to inform your team of any challenges you’re facing, or to explain where you think they can improve their own game. Most of all, do it all calmly, and with understanding.

Salt If For Chips

Your team is never, ever going to improve to eSports levels if you verbally abuse them at every turn. Professional, well performing teams do not attack one another constantly, or insult each other for making mistakes. Leave your salt out of the game, and focus on being a professional.

If someone on your team is being salty, calmly explain to them that their bad attitude isn’t helping. It is also just plain polite to not verbally abuse any opposing teams.

Have Fun

Remember; team games are supposed to be fun, not an anxiety filled chore. Try and focus on the enjoyment aspect of the game above all else, and victories will soon follow. Accept year defeats with grace, and at the same time, be a good winner. If team based games ever stop being fun, you might consider looking at games that don’t require so much interaction with others. 


Also always keep in mind the enjoyment level of your team, and the opposing team. Yes, it is all about winning, but it is also about having fun while doing so. Respect your teammates, respect the opposing team, and respect that everyone is there to have fun.