Top 10 Jeep Wrangler Modifications - A Review by Just Jeeps

Driving and owning a jeep wrangler gives great feeling and pleasure. However, the above-mentioned jeep wrangler mods can make your jeep safer, better equipped for long and rough drives, and fun to drive. You can start off with the simpler modifications that are easy to install and affordable. Later on, with time, you can go for other bigger modifications as well. All these modifications are for a better and safer jeep ride.

  1. Spare Hood Bolts When a jeep is being driven at a very high speed, it often seems as if the hood of the jeep might detach and fly off. This thought lingers around the mind mainly because during fast speed the hood keeps knocking itself. However, there is no way that the hood will just detach due to high speed. The hood is attached with stretchy and soft rubber, which allows it to move around during high speed. The loose attachment of hood can be distracting for the driver; therefore, it is better to have spare hood latches is a good idea as help keep the hood in place without causing any annoyance or distraction during high speed.

  2. Entry Guards - The part of a jeep that can easily be worn out over the years is its door frames. Mainly, because the driver puts his foot on the lower side of the door to climb into the jeep; also, heavy traffic jams can also become a cause for quick wear and tear of jeep door frames. It is highly advisable for jeep owners to have entry guards in order to protect their door frames. It is this one part of the jeep that is trampled on the most, therefore its safety is also very important. Entry guards are very easy to install, they are also not very heavy on pocket. Very useful jeep modification as benefits is long term.

  3. Grab Handles - Grab handles can be placed on the front pillar of the jeep. Their main purpose is to let the driver grip onto them during sharp turns. Sometimes seatbelt in jeeps is not enough to provide balance on bouncy roads. Thus, grab handles are best to provide support, also they can be used while climbing in or out of the jeep. Grab handles are easy to install and affordable. They provide a steady and balanced ride to the jeep owners. Different types of grab handles are available in the market including, foam grip, heavy-duty ones, and nylon grips.

  4. Floor Liners to Save the Interior from Dirt - Sometimes, the dirt and mud from outside tend to come inside our jeep through our boots or shoes. It not only ruins the beauty of our jeep but also creates a mess and takes a great deal of time to clean it up. The best way to prevent the floor of the jeep from getting dirty is to install floor liners. They come in all shapes and sizes; easily available in the market. With the help of floor liners, you can ensure that the jeep floor looks new and clean at all times.

  5. Powerful LED Lights - Getting LED lights for a jeep is a great modification as often the factory lights are not as bright and powerful. LED lights are easy on the pocket and very easy to install. They are also widely available in the market; some LED lights give two times more power than the factory-installed lights and consume less energy as well.

  6. Boosting Kits - Mostly jeep owners invest in boost/lift kits for their jeeps because they support in driving through rocky areas, big stones, etc. They allow the jeep to smoothly drive over any sort of road bump, no matter how big it is. Lift kits provide balance, clearance, approach and departure angle, etc. If you are someone who likes to take the bumpy road for a drive, then getting lift kits should be on top of your list.

  7. Recovery Kit - Recovery kit is considered as an essential item for any jeep. It doesn't matter where the jeep the goes, the recovery kit is always useful. The basic components of this kit include straps to pull a vehicle out from muddy area or heavy snow, extra gloves, d-rings, fire extinguishers, first-aid kit, etc. If you are planning on a long road trip with your jeep, make sure to invest in a good winch accessory kit. The loose attachment of hood can be distracting for the driver; therefore, it is better to have spare hood latches is a good idea as help keep the hood in place without causing any annoyance or distraction during high speed.

  8. Add Versatility Hitch - A VersaHitch allows jeep owners to install additional accessories to their jeep, without losing any towing capabilities. If you are planning to add an additional cargo rack or attach a bike to the back of your jeep, then the hitch that comes with most jeeps would do the job but would make it lose the capability to tow.

  9. Hard Top or Soft Top? Both, hard and soft jeep tops have their pros and cons. Soft top is good to enjoy a nice cool breeze and is considered as the essence of jeeps. On the other hand, hard tops are safer and durable options. The decision is difficult, but jeep owners can make a choice based on their requirements. Just in case you decide to go with soft tops, they are easily available in the market and are quite affordable as well. Soft tops come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Frameless soft tops are very popular among most jeep owners these days.

  10. Additional Storage and Security - Jeeps do not have much space. There is not much room to keep stuff if you’re going on a long trip. The new jeep wrangler has more space than other models of a jeep, but even then it is not considered enough. Many jeep owners invest in storage bags in order to increase space inside their jeeps. Storage bags can fit in any part of the jeep as they come in different sizes and designs.

Also, soft tops are not considered very safe so if you decide to keep a soft top, then it is better to get a lockable steel console. These consoles can also fit anywhere, but best to fit them over the soft tops to ensure safety and security.