Top 10 Best Apps for Online Education


Remote studying is one of the best things that education received from the development of technologies and the Internet. There are lots of benefits to online education that include the ability to study from any spot with Internet access, study what you really want even if there are no courses available in your location, and do it at your own pace! The list is much larger, but we’re going to stick to these benefits. You can find a rating service Sky-Writer of different things, but I did it for you and  compiled a list of the top 10 best apps that can be very useful for you!

Educational resources

Khan Academy

This particular application is available for all the most popular operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android. Basically, that’s an app that provides its users with lots, and I mean lots, of tutorial videos on different subjects. For example, you can find videos about various high school disciplines or history, biology, physics, and even computer programming. Even more, this app is equipped with an adaptive system that provides its users with an opportunity to learn at their own pace. Well, all I can say is that Khan Academy is a well-designed and bountiful non-profit project for online learners.


You’re most likely heard of this entry on my list. Coursera is a well-known free resource for all the people who are interested and participate in online education. Basically, it is quite similar to the previous entry. Still, it is just as important for any remote learner as the application gives access to different things such as video lectures, quizzes, forum discussions, and even peer-assessed works. You can also find different kinds of exams to test your knowledge. Coursera is very convenient because of its learning format that is quite similar to the traditional one. 


Yet another app with lots of courses, both free and paid ones. The list of disciplines is extensive and includes the most popular ones, such as programming and web development. The very format of this app is slightly different as it mostly utilizes video lectures, PDFs, Powerpoint slides, and everything in-between. Just as previous apps, it is easily available on the most popular operational systems. Android and iOS apps provide a feature of downloading courses to work offline.


Oh, you’ve definitely heard of this one. TED is a famous platform for speakers to spread their knowledge and share information literally about everything from technology and psychology to tips on personal happiness and time management. You can find some of the brightest minds sharing their views on different topics, which can be of use for anyone, not just online learners. So, this app is just good in every manner possible.


The last entry in this section is different because of its paid subscription-based format. Lynda is available for the popular operational systems, and it is possible to access it through a browser. However, just like the previous notable apps, it is mainly about video courses that are taught by experts in their field. I have to note that these courses are usually narrowly specialized and connected to quite complicated subjects such as 3D animation and similar stuff.

Utility resources

Scanner Mini

The first entry in the list of utility apps is this one. Well, it is basically a scanner but sends those scans directly to your phone as PDFs. Quite an impressive feature as I was dreaming about it during my university years. You just point your smartphone at some document or article, scan it via camera and voila! During my days, this sort of technology was considered to be an unachievable dream, but here we are. I highly encourage you to use this app as it can help you out with lots of stuff.


This one’s very interesting. You may know that people usually are able to read 300 words per minute because we have to move our eyes to keep track of static text written on a page. Well, this app helps to speed up reading and retention of information considerably! It allows you to move written text to a specific sort of interface that moves through sentences by itself, thus relieving you from a need to move your eyes. As a result, you are able to keep the focus on one point of a monitor, removing any additional distractions. 


A very popular studying platform among students of every kind! It is a very useful utility app because it provides you with the ability to make notes and create your own flashcards. Even more, you can easily share your flashcard decks with friends and peers, thus contributing to knowledge sharing. That’s why the potential of this app is so big! You study faster, you suffer from less stress, and you can remind yourself of all the important information if needed.


This app is one of the to-do bunch. However, it is way more versatile and provides a bunch of different features. You can create those to-do lists, make website bookmarks, and even create entire projects! Quite impressive for an app that is about organizing your worktime and workload. This thing is very important for online learners, as they have to be self-disciplined and attentive.


The last entry is kind of similar, but different. Evernote comes in a bundle of apps that include Penumilate, Clearly, and Evernote Peek. Basically, it is one of the best life-planning, note-taking, and organizing apps out there. You can do so much with it and optimize your time, save energy, and maintain motivation to study. The potential is huge, and it is worth checking out.



So, here’s my list of the most useful and best apps for online education. Those include a selection of programs that offer a variety of different courses with video tutorials and lots of other stuff. I also decided to add a list of utility apps that can prove useful for you, especially considering that you’re into online education.