The technology behind online roulette games


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An incredibly popular form of online casino gaming is roulette, one of the oldest casino games that is said to have originated from France in the 18th century. In the modern world, as with so many classic casino-related products, roulette has been turned into an online option with some hugely interesting technology behind it. In fact, the technology behind most casino games is fascinating, but it’s roulette that is one of the most popular options of the lot. 

The appeal of roulette is certainly clear to see. Not only is it entertaining, but it requires far less skill and strategic thinking than many other favoured casino gaming options. People all around the world have registered big wins at both land-based and online casino options, but it’s the online version of the game that is generally more popular, especially with casual casino gamers who aren’t necessarily interested in frequenting a high-end casino resort in the flesh. Some of the online wins throughout the history of roulette gaming have been quite remarkable too, perfectly highlighted by some of the biggest ever roulette wins, where a player in Kuwait won a staggering $4,049,530.00. Roulette, unlike poker, for example, certainly has an element of luck attached to it, thus making it a far more attractive proposition for people who perhaps aren’t typically interested in online casino gaming. 

Given the continual advancements we’re exposed to in the modern-day, online casinos have been able to improve their offering accordingly. Roulette, perhaps more than many other online casino titles, has therefore been on the receiving end of some innovative technologies which have enabled the all-round roulette package to be improved a great deal further. Let’s take a look at just some of the technology behind online roulette games below. 

Optical character recognition software (OCR)

When assessing the actual gameplay and how online roulette games function, an important ingredient behind a popular product such as roulette is the optical character recognition software (OCR). This impressive software is a program that decodes every action done by the dealer which is then processed into characters. This particular software also uses several cameras which follows all of the action around the table as it unfolds. 

Online roulette bonuses

Thanks to having lower overheads and a general need to establish a community of players with some enticing offers, online casinos include bonuses that are offered to players on an impressively regular basis. Likewise, players who aren’t perhaps interested online casino gaming can discover its benefits by utilising one of the many bonuses new players receive when signing up to a casino gaming site. Some of these bonuses apply to roulette games and can enable a player to win big or enjoy a few free spins on the roulette wheel.

Random number generator (RNG)Image

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The RNG is essentially the system that is responsible for continuously creating winning combinations and making sure that the game is fair and works well. The vast majority of online casino games use RNG, with roulette being one of the main products that rely on its remarkable technology. Watch how to play roulette!

Game control unit (GCU)


A boxed device that is responsible for the broadcast of the online roulette game that a player might be enjoying, the GCU is a crucial part of the online roulette gaming setup. It works by encoding the video broadcast to your mobile or desktop screen, therefore allowing players to session a live casino gaming product in real-time, with a dealer who is visible and a wheel that can be seen as it’s spinning. This, in turn, creates an online product that is similar to playing the game in the flesh at a land-based resort.