The reasons behind the rise of Homeschooling

Why Is Homeschooling On The Rise Today?

Homeschooling is a form of education where the student is taught in an organized educational program outside the school walls or educational system. Here, parents or private tutors play the role teachers play in traditional classroom environments.  

The origin of Homeschooling 

Homeschooling may seem like a new fad, however, it began as far back as the early 60s. It started as a revolution by a majority of Christian parents in the US who revolted against the system they termed “Anti-Christian”. The number of families that took part in the initial revolt was enormous, in spite of this, the revolution died almost as soon as it began. 

The homeschooling' culture revived after the US supreme court upheld the ban on school prayer. Although homeschooling was illegal in about 95 percent of the states in the US, most parents continued homeschooling their wards. However, in the early nineties, homeschooling became recognized as a parent right in all the states of the US. Ever since, when combined with other factors, homeschooling has enjoyed a steady rise even until recent times. 

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School violence

One of the reasons why learning at home is on the rise today is because of the hydra-headed monster called violence in educational institutions. Because violence in educational institutions has increased over the years, parents have explored homeschooling as the best way to protect their kids.

They believe that their wards can learn at almost the same rate as other children studying in educational institutions with minimum exposure to danger. Interestingly homeschooled children are hardly victims of bullying, harassment, and victims of recurring shootings that have besmirched the reputation of educational institutions. 


Most parents now work from home

One of the reasons contributing to the increase of homeschooling today is because of the dynamic nature of parents jobs. Many years ago, parents sent their kids to boarding schools because of the nature of their jobs. Most parents either worked too late or traveled often. With the emergence of remote jobs, freelancing opportunities, and more flexible working options, one or both of the parents now work from home and find time to tutor the kids. 

With more remote jobs being created and more time, available parents are looking more into homeschooling. As more skeptics discovered that this system was successful, the number of homeschooled children rose.

Parents are dissatisfied with the school syllabus and system

From time immemorial Parents have been complaining about the school system, but only a few have decided to do something about it. These few who are now homeschooling their wards are the ones who have done something about the complaints. 

Parents are dissatisfied with the grading system in educational institutions, the teaching methods, the uniforms used, the unhealthy competition amongst students, and much more. Parents need not worry about uniforms since their kids learn from home neither do they have to bother about the damage the grading system does to their wards. As usual, the success of a few parents led to increased interest from others.

Religious and moral reasons

Over the years, parents have discovered that virtues like honesty, courage, and compassion, which are vital for leadership are taught best at home and not in schools. Most conventional schools do not pay keen attention to the morals of kids neither do they focus on religion, which displeases some parents. 

Homeschooling is on the rise now because of the worth parent's place on the moral and religious upbringing of their children. Interestingly most parents believe that moral and religious instructions are as important as the educational lessons learned within the educational institution walls. This is why they take up the responsibility of tutoring.

Mental or physical health issues

Homeschooling is on a steady rise now because of the number of children struggling with health-related issues. Some children are born with congenital disabilities, while others grow up to discover that the kids are suffering from different health-related challenges. 

Parents cannot trust the school system to take care of these kids, which is why they resort to tutoring them at home. Some of this health issues are mental, and others are physical, some can be managed in the educational institution environment while others cannot, but from experience, it seems that children with health challenges stood the chance of being stable when they are closely monitored by a parent or a tutor.

The emergence of ‘hybrid schooling.'

One of the demerits that were associated with homeschooling is the fact that homeschooled kids do not get the chance to socialize and engage in recreational activities. Proponents of the conventional schooling system claimed that recreational activities were the sole preserve of the school system. But all these have changed with the emergence of ‘hybrid schooling.' 

Hybrid schooling is a blend of the ‘conventional' school learning /experience with home learning/experience. In some cases, students visit a classroom setting some days of the week and continue with homeschooling on other days. The success of this has contributed to an increase in the number of families that encourage tutoring wards at home.

Homeschooling is now legal in most places

Many years ago, homeschooling was illegal in most states in the US and other countries of the world. The legislative freedom it now enjoys has contributed to the rise in the rate of homeschooling. As homeschooling became legal, most families began to adopt it and in a short while it became a fast-rising phenomenon, and the momentum is being sustained till today.


Homeschooled children are rated to be as successful as children who were schooled in traditional classroom settings, this and several factors such as the ones listed above have contributed to the steady rise of homeschooling locally and globally.