The Most Effective Ways to Learn English Faster


Though English is considered one of the easiest languages, not all students can learn to speak this language. Some academicians start speaking English only in a few months, whereas others need a few years to understand and speak this language. Nevertheless, as the world evolves, new and new tools that can help learn the language faster appear every day. In this post, we’ll share some secrets that will help you master this language and finally speak English as soon as possible!

Use Spell Checking Tools

When you only start learning the language, you understand how hard it is to master spelling. You see that some words are spelled the same but sound differently. In this case, you can use a spell checking tool that can help you be strong in spelling. The choice of spell checkers is huge; you only need to choose the one you like most of all and run your texts or messages through this tool. The software will immediately highlight all the mistakes that you’ve made.

Read More

Even if you don’t like reading books, you can read newspapers, blog posts, social media news, etc. It doesn’t matter, but if it’s written in English (and by a native-speaker), read it. When you read, you’ll improve your vocabulary. This content usually includes lots of interesting phrases and juicy vocabulary that will help you broaden your wordhoard. If you learn new words and use them in practice, you’ll manage to build your vocabulary arsenal. 

Remember, no one can make you read books that you don’t like. Today, we have lots of authors that write amazing books. Choose your favorite genre and start reading. First, it will be difficult for you to understand the main plot, but gradually, you’ll improve your skills and broaden your vocabulary.

Use New Vocabulary

It is not enough only to learn new words by heart. You should actively use the new vocabulary. Otherwise, you’ll immediately forget it. When you hear the new word or word combination that you can use in your language, write it down in your notebook. Make a few examples, and in doing so, you’ll remember it faster.

You should also visit communicative classes where students that learn English as a foreign language unite and get daily language practice. After visiting a few lessons, you’ll understand that you speak the language better. 

Listen to English

This is probably the most complicated task because if your vocabulary is poor, it is really hard to listen to a native-speaker and understand what they mean. However, you should develop this skill. Scientists proved that when you listen to English unintentionally, your brain will automatically absorb the words, sounds, grammar, etc. The thing is that when you listen to others speaking English, you hear the patterns and remember them. This way of learning the language is more natural - kids learn to speak when they listen to their parents.

We live in an era of the rapid development of digital technologies. You don’t need to have a native speaker near you to practice the language. Watch English TV, listen to the stories of your favorite English speaking bloggers, listen to audiobooks, music, etc. Find at least 30 minutes per day for listening. We bet in a month, you’ll see a result!

Subscribe to Youtube Channels

You probably have a hobby - politics, knitting, jogging, cooking, etc. Youtube is overloaded with engaging content in English. Find a channel that covers your favorite topics and listen to a speaker. You’ll see how native speakers use the language, hear their native accents and learn the slang. Gradually, you’ll see that you understand what the author tells. Moreover, you’ll learn new words or word combinations. 

Learn Grammar

Grammar is vital for this language. There are lots of rules, and you can’t do without them. So, you shouldn’t neglect this issue. You should also visit grammar lessons to practice your skills. You need to learn some rules by heart. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to build sentences.

Go Abroad

You will hardly find a more effective method to learn English than visiting an English-speaking country. Visit a summer camp in Great Britain, Australia, the USA, or Canada. There are lots of options to choose from. When you are in a learning environment, you’ll master the language faster. Overall, when you are abroad, you have no choice; you need to speak English. Gradually, you’ll see that you understand all the members of the camp. When you are immersed in the atmosphere, you’ll achieve much better results!


We hope that following these tips, you’ll definitely achieve much better results. Overall, English is not difficult to learn; you only need to have a desire to master this language. Remember that not all academicians can learn the language quickly. It may happen that you need more time. We all are different, but these tips work much better than others!