The Latest Cutting Edge Casino Tech

The casino industry is interesting in a number of ways. It is, first and foremost, one of the leading industries as far as technological advancements are concerned. It is the gambling industry, for example, that has been a firm supporter of VR. It is also the gambling industry that has refined online user experiences, with extremely versatile, mobile integrated systems that work on just about any model of phone under the sun.

Likewise, casinos are extremely concerned with customer retention, meaning that systems aimed at making users feel appreciated, and pampered, are gambling establishment’s bread and butter. This focus has also given us customer service focused advancements that may have otherwise not been as refined.

Here is a look at how casinos are shaping the tech world.

Concierge Applications

Speaking of pampering guests, many of the biggest land based casinos in the world, including Caesars Palace, are now utilising concierge applications for mobile devices. The idea is simple; if you’re staying at a casino, you need simply install the free, dedicated application, and you’ll be wired directly into the establishment’s systems.

Making reservations, controlling a room’s temperature, signing up for attractions, and even opening the curtains is all controlled via the app. Luxurious, convenient, and all thanks to casinos wanting guests to feel like royalty.

Online Casinos

Be you visiting an online casino Sri Lanka to play some slots, or viewing a Live feed of a Roulette game based in Malta, it is all part of the digital casino experience. The technology being developed for online casino experiences is extraordinary, and getting better by the day. In fact, many internet design philosophies have been refined to perfection in the iGaming world, pushing user experience to the next level.

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition has been around for some time, but it is the casino industry that is taking to the next level. Many land based venues are committed to keeping out problem gamblers, namely those have entered voluntary exclusion programs. But it can, of course, be a challenge identifying these individuals in busy environments.

That’s where facial recognition comes in. Casino development companies have been refining facial recognition to be better than ever before, allowing problem gamblers to be recognised before they even enter the premises.

VR And Augmented Reality

The iGaming world has been investing in VR tech for years now, hoping to allow online players to get a true, near perfect casino experience. With a VR headset a player can be transported into a casino on the moon, for example, or perhaps under the ocean. It is all possible with VR, and a good reason for gambling companies to get involved.

Some iGaming sites already offer VR options for many of their games, but as of now, supported titles are still few and far between. It likely won’t be long before the technology catches on, however, depending how affordable the necessary systems become. Either way, casino games are perfect for VR, and the industry will likely keep supporting development well into the future.