Terms You Need To Know To Choose Good Cheap Web Hosting

If you're creating a website in 2020 for the first time, you're not alone. Many people have had to build websites to take their businesses online, and many others have simply taken the time to work on some personal projects. But whatever you are building a website for, you need to start with good web hosting.


Web hosting is confusing for many first-timers. What exactly is web hosting and why do you need it? Is it the same as buying a domain?


In order to choose the best most efficient cost effective web hosting for your website, here you can find and compare really good cheap web hosting that will be an important factor in your decision making. However you really do  need to know the lingo. Here are some of the most important terms you should be familiar with.


Web hosting


What exactly is web hosting? Quite simply, web hosting gives you space on a server to host your website. The server connects your site to the internet. Without it, you won’t get any further than your own device.


Technically, you could get your own server and set it up yourself. However, because a server is expensive and you probably don't have the expertise, web hosting companies provide the service for you.


Shared hosting


Shared hosting refers to a server that you share with other customers of the web hosting company. You get to use the server on a fair use basis. Because the websites using the server are not bandwidth-heavy and do not expect millions of visitors a month, it can work on a first-come-first-serve basis and the bandwidth does not run out.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting


However, if you are expecting a lot of traffic, or your website has a lot of heavy duty functions, you might need more than shared hosting to ensure you always have the bandwidth you need. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting refers to a type of shared hosting where, instead of using bandwidth on a first-come-first-serve basis, you get allocated a specific amount of bandwidth just for yourself.


VPS hosting is therefore more expensive than shared hosting, but a lot cheaper than getting your own dedicated server would be.


Dedicated server hosting


When you get dedicated server hosting, you get the use of an entire server for yourself. This is best for big companies. Going with dedicated server hosting is perfect if you do not have the expertise to do your own hosting and would rather not hire someone inhouse. You get full use of the server, but the hosting company takes care of the practicalities for you.


How to choose a hosting provider


The above terms are standard, but different hosting providers offer different variations on them. There are other differences between hosting providers, which can be significant. It is important that you don’t choose the first hosting provider you come across and actually do your research. Some of the big names are infamous for their terrible service.


You should pay a lot of attention to the reviews of other customers. A web hosting provider is only as good as they are in a crisis. You don’t want a provider that disappears when you need them most.