Some important online casino terms for beginners

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If you’re someone who is starting out with online casino games, you should know there are several unique terms and phrases that are regularly used on all these platforms. Please note, this casino lingo or terminology is used throughout the world, on all gambling platforms, including all the popular casinos. We will acquaint you with some of the important online casino terms which all beginners should be aware of.


Normally used in card games, ante bet is a compulsory bet that needs to be placed before the start of a hand, and prior to receiving your cards.


It’s a sequence of positions on slot machine’s reels, from left to right. Whenever you play an online slot game, you are normally betting on a specific number of paylines. In the event that you land a winning combination on a certain payline you had bet on, you’d be handed the corresponding pay out.

Active Payline

When we talk about a payline, it comprises a set of symbols appearing on the reels of a slot game that must line up for you to win a prize. If you have placed a bet on some specific payline, that will be referred to as the active payline. Please note, it will become active only after the bet placement and prior to the spinning of the reels.

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243 Ways to Win

It’s a term often used with regard to online slots that don’t feature conventional paylines. Rather, there are 243 ways to win provided across the reels, with each one delivering a win depending upon the bet size. Please note, you might even come across online slots offering 1024 or 720 ways to win!

Collapsing or Cascading Reels

This is another feature of online slots wherein the symbols landing on the winning payline are instantly replaced by newer ones. Please note, the replacement symbols may potentially deliver another winning combination, which will then be replaced by newer symbols. It will continue this way until you don’t get any winning combination.

Hole card

It’s a facedown card dealt to the dealer in the casino card game called blackjack. In case of other card games, a hole card is normally a card received by the player.


It’s a cumulative price that keeps increasing in value, by small amounts, each time someone plays that specific jackpot slot game. The jackpot amount continues growing till someone wins the jackpot. Once the jackpot is hit and the winning amount is delivered, the process restarts from the scratch.

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Progressive Jackpot

It’s a jackpot which continues growing till someone hits it, and is fed by all the players throughout the world playing that specific progressive jackpot slot game. Progressive jackpot amounts are comparatively much bigger than regular jackpots. For instance, a Cheshire soldier became an overnight millionaire in 2015 after he won a progressive jackpot of £ 13.2 million with a 25p stake!

Random Number Generator (RNG)

It’s a piece of software used in online slot games which determines the losing and winning combinations, and ensures that every outcome of the slot game’s spin is completely random in nature.

Classic Slots


These are retro style online slot games that comprise of only 3 reels. Also popularly referred to as ‘Classic Vegas Slots’ or ‘Fruit Machines’, it’s these games that were launched first at the online casinos.