Phone Applications for Using In College

Being a college student in modern society is tough. You have to:

  • Attend lectures, 
  • Complete assignments, 
  • Study for exams, 
  • Take part in extracurricular activities, and
  • Maintain a part-time job.

Having a perfect balance of all these tasks is not easy. Moreover, depending on your field of study, you may get different writing assignments. 

Working on these assignments while managing other tasks can be challenging and daunting. And a student needs a perfect school/social life balance to be productive. 

Thanks to technology, there are useful android apps that students can use to make their college lives less hectic.  

We have concocted a list of the best apps that will make your college life less stressful. Read on to discover the best college apps in the market. 

1. BenchPrep Companion

BenchPrep Companion is a free mobile app for BenchPrep users. This app provides test prep courses for:

  • LSAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE 

It also has an award-winning test prep platform which is fun, adaptive, and effortless. 

Unlike the previous iOS version of BenchPrep, the updated version is a hybrid of the website. This means that you cannot use it without an internet connection. 

BenchPrep Companion allows you to study on the go, and it includes:

  • Flashcards,
  • Lessons,
  • Game center,
  • Study plans,
  • Practice questions, and
  • Practice exams.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an organizing and note-taking app that works on all devices. You can upload your notes to the app or scan those which you already have. Evernote allows you to collect and capture ideas as:

  • Checklists,
  • Notebooks,
  • Memos,
  • Searchable motes, and
  • To-do lists. 

Evernote also proves to be one of the most useful apps for college students. The app makes it easy for you to take notes and create notebooks in various formats, including:

  • PDFs,
  • Text,
  • Video,
  • Sketches,
  • Audio,
  • Photos, and
  • Web clippings. 

Using Evernotes’ camera scanning feature, you can scan and make comments on documents, business cards, sketches, and handwriting. You can also upload your Microsoft Office Documents to Evernote. It is an easy-to-use app for your memos and thoughts as they come. 

3. How to Save Your Time in College

With thousands of apps at your fingertips, your Smartphone can look like a time waster and not a time manager. But, with self-discipline, you can convert your phone into an asset that will help you save time. 

Your Smartphone can function as a scheduler or an on-the-go calendar. Setting reminders can help you stay on top of important commitments and due dates. You can also install apps that block social media sites. This will increase your productivity and prevent you from wasting time on other activities. 

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4. Forest 

Depending on how you use them, Smartphones can harm or benefit you. On the one hand, Smartphones can help you achieve your goals faster. On the other, Smartphones can be a dangerous distraction if you are not careful. 

You enjoy the benefits of a Smartphone by using Forest. Forest is a free app that helps you keep an eye on what is important. This could be your homework, a study session, or a writing assignment. Forest enables you to stay away from your phone by using a gamified timer. 

Every moment you are away from your phone, Forest grows a seed. If you succumb to the temptation of using your phone, the plant withers away, and dies. If you endure and stay focused, the plant blossoms and you score some points. 

When you get enough points, you can invest those points in the forest itself. The virtual staff of the app will go ahead and plant a seedling in real life. This is a win-win situation. 

5. Essay Writing Service Sites

Essay writing service sites allow efficient time management. As such, they are a great way through which you can save time and focus on other activities. Writing an essay from scratch is time-consuming. This is especially true if you have other assignments or projects to attend to. 

If you are unable to invest time in essay writing, you can seek help from an essay writing service in Canada. As a student, you can benefit from enlisting an essay writing services. You can get a professional writer to write your paper within a given deadline. You can also get a well-researched, well-written, well-formatted, and error-free paper. Other perks of seeking help from an essay writing service include:

  • Such services are affordable,
  • You get unique and well-researched content,
  • You get  help from Masters and PhD degreed writers,
  • The writers are knowledgeable in their field, and
  • The writers can help you increase your GPA. 

6. Adobe Scan

Adobe scan is one of the best college apps in the market. It is an easy-to-use document scanner that enables you to capture a vast range of documents. These include whiteboard scribbling and business cards. Further, Adobe scan has a host of smart utilities that make the process easier. 

This app can recognize most document formats. So, all you need to do is point your Smartphone in the right direction, and the app will grab the document without you having to press anything. After taking the picture, you use the cropping tools to edit the results. You can also use the filters to enhance the clarity of the pictures. 

Moreover, Adobe Scan makes it possible for you to stitch multiple files and create new PDFs from them. Before you finish up, the app gives you the option of signing the document. The app also allows you to parse business cards and save them in your phone’s contacts. 

7. Check Your Deadlines Using Alarmy 

To employ all the apps in this list, you need to wake up on time. Many students struggle with waking up on time. Do you often hit the snooze button? Do you often sleep past your alarm? To ensure that you get up on time, you can use Alarmy. 

Alarmy will give you a challenge before you can turn off your alarm. The app can ask you to take a picture, shake your phone five times, or solve a math problem. You can choose which challenge suits you best. 

Alarmy also has a setup process through which it can suggest a challenge based on the type of sleeper you are. You can use Alarmy to configure various recruiting alerts. 

If you are poor in time management, you can seek help from an executive resume writing service. Seeking help from an executive CV writing service will help you meet all your deadlines. It will also help you create stellar CVs that can impress the strictest employers. 

8. Google Drive

Google Drive is a data storage app offered by the search giant, Google. The app offers you 15 gigabytes of storage space which you can use to store pictures, documents, and files. Google Drive uses cloud computing, which means that you can access the app from anywhere. With this app, you can: 

  • Send large files,
  • Access documents,
  • Use the built-in search engine,
  • Share videos and photos with your contacts,
  • Open and edit various document formats (.jpg, .doc, or .PDF).  

Google Drive offers you all these perks free of charge. How amazing is that? 

Final Word

There you have it. Above are the best apps for college students. Try each of them out to determine which app best suits you. We guarantee that these apps will help you when it comes to time management and make your college life less stressful.