Only 3 Percent Of Gamers Spend Real Coin On Gaming Application

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What better way to enjoy your time than get to the games you enjoy with friends and competitors around the world, or simple strategy games played solo. 


According to App Annie, nearly 74c for every dollar spent on the app store market was for a mobile game. With mobile gaming and devices that fit right into a pocket, games are easily accessible and ready to play at just about any moment. Mobile games can brighten up a wait in the supermarket line, entertain while waiting in the doctor's office, or help kill some minutes at home when you want to unwind and relax.


Simulators, first-person shooters, RPGs, and board games are all available to download at Android Hackers. The website hosts some of the most popular Android gaming apps. Mobile games often try to monetize their platform through very different strategies. Sometimes they offer a game for free and allow players to purchase additional coins or life for a price. In some occasions, the app itself has an upfront cost before playing. 


Mobile gaming legends like Candy Crush set a strategy of pitting real-life opponents against one another and creating a virtual competition for real-life friends. The incentive to buy game boosters or purchase unlimited gameplay time through coins or hearts has had many pulling out their wallet. This website offers all these games available for download.


Enjoy current popular titles like Free Fire, Brawl Stars, and Stardew Valley. Not all gaming players spend money on their games. It's estimated that only 3% of gamers spend real coin on gaming applications. While gaming has seen a massive change in the industry, the average mobile game consumer is not what most people think. With the rise of e-sports and competitive gaming, most of the vision the public has of gamers is young men sitting in huge oversized computer chairs drinking energy drinks. But in fact, most of the mobile gamers in this market are women aged 35 to 44. 


Additionally, a considerable portion of gamers returns to play every day on their mobile phone. With such a large market, it's not surprising to see so many enjoying different titles. Consider checking out the games on Android Hackers.


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