Online Casino Bonus Lingo You Should Know

If you follow the technology or gambling industries, then you are very well aware that there has been a tremendous shift in people playing online. Online casinos have made it rather easy for adults to log in and start enjoying their favourite gambling games within seconds and from anywhere they like. As a result, many new players are joining, eager to make money while having a fun time playing poker, slots, blackjack, bingo, and the likes. 

When online casinos first came in the picture, there was a lot of debate on whether they would attract the right audience. Over time, they had to battle on-land casinos to show that what they offered was more convenient and, in most cases, more lucrative than any casino in Vegas or Monaco. One of the ways online casinos were, and still are, able to attract more players is through bonuses. Unlike land casinos that give out meal vouchers or upgrade high-rollers to better rooms, online casinos have always been about hard cash and allowing players to earn more through their offers. For a newcomer, knowing about bonus lingo can eventually make all the difference. 

Free Spins

Free spins are a common type of bonuses you will come across on online casinos. Slots being the most popular game in casinos, a free spin offer includes the gambling establishment giving their customers a fixed number of extra spins. Now, sometimes the spins can be used on any slot in their catalogue, while at other times, the casino will limit the slots you can use them on. Free spins come over and above other offers, and even if you are more of a card player, it a fun little way to make some extra cash during a break from poker or baccarat.  

No Deposit Bonus

The very best kind of bonus is the no deposit bonus. There might be a few terms and conditions you’ll have to follow, but in a nutshell, this is free money for you to play in the casino without having to invest anything of your own. A bitcoin casino no deposit bonus can range anywhere from $25 to a cool $100 and allows you to indulge in any game you like. However, the trick to making the most of this bonus is choosing games with low wagering requirements so that you can stretch out the cash for more plays. 

Double the Investment

The opposite of a no deposit bonus, but equally profitable, is the double your investment offer that many casinos give out. In this, whatever you invest initially is matched or doubled by the casino. There usually is a cap on what you can get, but that can go up to thousands of dollars. Moreover, this offer is typically available on the first few deposits made by the customer. So, it is best to make the most of this bonus by investing higher amounts at first.

Sign-up Bonus

A sign-up bonus can be any of the above or a completely different offer that might include vouchers to a famous restaurant brand, for example. A lot like a no deposit bonus, a customer can earn a sign-up bonus by merely joining a casino. However, if you are new to gambling and unsure about putting in too much money, look for a website that offers reload bonuses. That’s when you get better returns on depositing money the second or third time. A reload bonus lets the players experience the casino and then make a more significant investment.