Myths about CBD for Dogs You Must Be Curious to Know

Cannabinoidoil, or CBD, has been increasingly gaining popularity in recent years in the doggo world. Unfortunately, though, many myths have risen and taken root in dog owners’ minds – and that’s not what we want to happen.

Here’s the thing: If myths are being spread worldwide about CBD products for dogs, then, chances are, dog owners won’t feel obliged to purchase them. If they don’t feel compelled to buy them, the dog’s of the world will not be able to reap the benefits of this magical, medicinal herb. 

Read this guide. Check out the top myths that you can and will hear about at some point. Check out the truth behind the myths, so that when it comes time to purchase CBD products to treat your dog’s health issues, you won’t think twice about it. 

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Myth: CBD isn’t legal.

That’s incorrect. Marijuana may not be legal from state to state, but CBD is 100% legal in all 50 states in America. In fact, it’s legal to possess and sell CBD products, as long as they contain 0.03% THC or less. The supplement has to be a derivative from the hemp plant, too.


Myth: CBD is marijuana.

That’s incorrect. All dog owners are a little bit scared to administer CBD to their pups – especially considering they automatically think the products will get their dog ‘high.’ That will not happen.

What’s the thought process behind this myth? Well, dog owners believe that cannabis plants are only associated with marijuana; that’s not true. Cannabis plants do produce marijuana, but they also produce good ole’ hemp, too. Hemp is not psychoactive, which ultimately means that products containing only hemp (derived from the cannabis plant) cannot and will not get your dog ‘high.’


Myth: CBD can cure ailments.

That’s incorrect. CBD cannot cure ailments for your dog. However, the medicinal herb CAN provide treatment to many ailments that your dog may be facing. 

Instead of curing, CBD can:

-    Promote anti-inflammatory responses

-    Eases anxieties 

-    Promotes healthy joints

-    Reduce seizures

-    Much, much more


Myth: Your dog can overdose on CBD.

That’s incorrect.

According to studies, it is EXTREMELY difficult to overdose on CBD products alone. Large doses are not known to harm animals. THC may have harmful effects, but there is no proof that CBD promotes negative responses.

With that being said, we always recommend that dog parents administer CBD oil slowly in the beginning. Your dog may or may not experience symptoms of upset stomach depending on the CBD product you are offering (oil, treat, balm, etc.)/


Myth: Every CBD company makes and sells their products the same way.

That’s incorrect. Each company offers different products. Some companies do not provide consistent quality that’s supposed to live up to high standards. 

Our suggestion? Always look at the CBD company’s 3rd party certificate of analysis. Check out the reviews and look at the comments. If you have any questions, reach out directly and ask away. 

You can never be 100% sure on a product unless you conduct your own personal research – so don’t be afraid to ask questions and look into things. Your dog is amazing, and he or she deserves the utmost quality care when it comes to treating their ailments.