Most popular phrases coined within the gambling industry

As you may know, every industry has unique phrases. This also applies in the gambling industry, which has numerous terms that may not make sense to most people. With all the activities happening when playing games or betting, not understanding the terms used can make your experience more difficult. The following are some of the most popular phrases coined within the gambling industry, read on to understand them, so that you can make the right moves. 

Put your money where your mouth is

This phrase tells a gambler to stake their money in a move they have been talking about without taking any risk. You will most likely hear this phrase when you are around other people. However, it’s good to take time and analyze your moves before staking your money.


“Do you really believe Manchester United will win this game? If so, put your money where your mouth is.”

The cards are stacked against you

This phrase refers to when the arrangement of a deck of cards is in a way that the player faces an unfair disadvantage. It also describes a situation that is less likely to be successful. Therefore, when you hear this statement, it's time to take a step back. You'll need to find creative moves or stake small amounts of money.


“Your chosen team is facing the best teams in the league in the next three games. The cards are stacked against you.”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Researchers believe this phrase originated from a casino in Las Vegas where a full chicken dinner was sold for $2. Hence, a player who won a bet essentially won a chicken dinner.

It is a phrase for celebrating victory. Dealers and fellow players will use this statement to congratulate you on a success you make at the table. There’s plenty of casino games list with games where you can find favorable tables to win at.


“Wow, congratulations on a great game. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

All bets are off

The “all bets are off” would describe a situation when all the initial conditions have changed, and you can no longer predict the outcome. It can also be used when existing bets are cancelled.


“Neymar has an injury that will keep him out of this game. Thus, PSG are playing with one forward man down against Marseille which will be represented by all strong players. All bets are off on PSG now.”

Hit the jackpot

This phrase applies when a player or bettor gets lucky and wins what they were expecting or more. It can also refer to the move that led to the enormous win. People will use this statement when you make a calculative move that earns you a higher payout than usual.


“You won free spins 20x your deposit on the random slot you chose from that casino games list. That's amazing, you hit the jackpot on this one!”

In the cards

This idiom originated from tarot practitioners who used to tell what would happen in the future based on cards. In the gambling industry, this phrase is used when something is likely to occur.

“I placed a wager on Cleveland Monsters. They are leading and it's a few minutes to the end of the game. A big win is in the cards for me.”

In conclusion


The above-discussed phrases are used on a day-to-day basis in the gambling industry. It is important to learn these phrases to understand why someone uses them. If a dealer uses a new phrase, it will help to ask for in-depth information to avoid making mistakes.