Licensed Casinos VS. Unlicensed Casinos | What Is the Best?


We can categorize the online casinos available to players around the world into two main categories which are licensed casinos and unlicensed casinos. The first type, which is the most common, are sites that hold the licenses of one of the trusted gambling commissions such as the Curaçao Gaming Commission (curacao casinos not on gamstop), the Malta Gaming Board (MGA casinos accepting UK), the Gibraltar Games Authority, the UK Games Commission( Non UKGC casinos), as well as the Emerging Dutch Gaming Authority. These committees test the casino games and get acquainted with the legal, technical and operational aspects of the site, and after he successfully passes these tests, they approve these sites. On the other hand, the unlicensed gambling sites operate in a more free environment and is, therefore, able to offer better options to players from all over the world.

In this article, we explain in detail the difference between licensed gambling sites and sites that do not hold any license at all.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing at Licensed Gambling Site?

We are happy to go through the pros and cons of the different options that you now have as a player in the world of online casinos. We, therefore, compare playing at a casino with and without a license and explain in detail what the new rules will mean for you.


    The GamStop register will protect you against the dangers of gambling addiction and guarantee exclusion at UK casinos.

    You aren’t subject to pay tax and do not make a statement about this to the tax authorities.

    Strict requirements from the reputed gaming authorities, means that the casinos can be labeled as very safe.

    Licensing committees can resolve disputes that may arise between player and operator for any reason!


    The strict requirements ensure that no loyalty systems and personal promotions may be offered.

    Licensed casinos offer a limited package of bonuses.

    No bonus should be offered when depositing money at a casino.

    Autoplay, in-game bonuses, and other entertaining features of slots are not allowed in licensed casinos.

    You have a limited choice, because not many casinos are licensed

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Playing at an Unlicensed Gambling Site?


    More bonuses are available to you.

    Personal bonuses and loyalty systems may be issued.

    In principle, casinos that install security protocols (SSL & HTTPS) should be reliable and safe enough.

    Wide choice of casinos with often a larger selection of games.


    If there are problems with payments at an online casino, you cannot ask the gaming authority for help. However, if you choose a reliable casino, you will not soon have problems.

    No adequate protection or support is available for problem gamblers.

Licensed Casinos Don’t Offer the Auto-play Function!

Another side effect that we will see at casinos with a regal license is the ban on the use of the autoplay feature. With autoplay, you as a player turn on a certain function that will automatically spin for you at a slot machine. As a player, you could normally indicate your own number of spins here or even indicate that autoplay may bet infinite spins for you.

This is therefore prohibited for casinos with a license, because the licensing committees believe that you are no longer consciously gambling in this way. This rule can also be a reason for you as a player to move to a casino that does not have a license.

Casino Balance Limits

If you are going to create an account at a licensed casino, you must set a limit on the balance. This means that if you win more and the winning limit is exceeded, the casino is then obliged to pay the excess amount directly to you via a payment method. You can set these limits yourself and can also be adjusted in consultation.

No Personal Offers or Considerable Bonuses at Licensed Casinos

Another point may be one that will push many new players to an offshore casino. There is very limited work with bonuses for players at a regulated casino.

Only one bonus may be paid out to a player by a license holder. This bonus is also subject to many rules. The reason for this is that the Dutch government does not want players to be tempted by pleasant sounding bonuses and promotions at the casino.

Bonuses & Their Terms at Unlicensed Casinos

This can be a reason for you as a player to choose a casino where you will be presented with many bonuses, promotions and offers. What we do want to emphasize about these bonuses and offers are the many terms and conditions that are often associated with them.

Many bonuses always sound nicer than they really are. Usually free spins can be bet on a limited number of slots or even on one slot. Also, a bonus often has to be used up within a few days and wagering conditions are imposed on the bonus. We therefore recommend that you always read the bonus conditions carefully if you want to enter an online casino for that reason.

Tips to Keep Your Gambling Healthy & Free of Problems

Your choice of an offshore casino or licensee depends on your own preference, however, to keep your gambling within safe limits it is important that you follow these tips:

    Always play for fun and not for making a fortune, quitting your job, or paying off your debts.

    Don't play when you are in a bad mood.

    Do not borrow money from others to gamble. Also, avoid debit payment methods like debit cards and shop now pay later methods.

    Set limits for yourself: a budget for gambling and a time limit for spending on online gambling sites.

    Read the terms and conditions and game rules before you start a game. Don't blindly bet an amount on a game you don't understand yet.