How to Qualify for a Guaranteed Approval Payday Loan

10 of millions of Americans want payday loans. That's because these loan products are typically easy to get and feature a low barrier of entry.

Despite those facts, some find themselves getting rejected when they try to borrow money from a payday loan lender.

If you're tired of hearing "no" and are in serious need of a quick injection of cash, keep reading. Below, our team lays out what you'll need to do to score a guaranteed approval payday loan.

1. Be a Legal Adult

The very first thing any payday loan application will ask you is if you're a legal adult. If you're not over 18 (or 21 in some countries), lending laws will prohibit payday loan issuers from doing business with you.

Make sure that when you apply for a payday loan in person, you have your I.D. ready to show your teller.

2. Have an Active Checking Account

We're not sure if trust for banks is waning, but for whatever reason, we're bumping into more and more people that don't have checking accounts. Unfortunately, those people are going to have a hard time getting a guaranteed approval payday loan.

Checking accounts are important to lenders because most will want to debit your account to get what's owed to them.

3. Prepare Proof of Employment

One of the most commonly cited denied for payday loan justifications is that applicants can't prove their income. If you're somebody that generates money "under the table," or are a self-employed individual that can't get pay stubs, you may find it difficult to get your loan funded.

While not particularly fair, the people that loan providers like doing business with the most are run-of-the-mill W-2 receiving professionals.

4. Don't Have Outstanding Payday Loans

No matter how liberal a lender is in giving out their guaranteed approval payday loan products, if they see you already have an outstanding loan on your record, they're not going to lend to you.

Payday loan lenders assume you're going to pay off their loan with your next paycheck. If they see your next paycheck is already spoken for by another debt, they're going to think you have no intention of paying their loan off on time.

5. Be Willing to Explore Your Options

Some payday loan lenders have stricter lending requirements than others. If you have all of your ducks in a row and feel like you should be eligible for guaranteed approval payday loans but are still getting rejected, try another lender.

Getting a Guaranteed Approval Payday Loan Is Possible If You Check the Boxes

Payday loan lenders are in the business of getting loans into people's hands. Because of that, so long as you meet the basic requirements that we've outlined, you'll eventually find a guaranteed approval payday loan that you can rely on today and any day in the future when you're in a financial pinch.

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