How to Promote an Online Store on Instagram

The Instagram visual network is a great place to open your store. However, this does not provide any guarantee of success. Let's talk about the correct design and filling of an account and free tools for promoting a store: this is useful if you are planning a comprehensive promotion, and not just order ads and buy Instagram followers. At the end, you will be able to think of a strategy and start executing it.


Why you need this platform

Consider the example of promoting a clothing store on Instagram. Fashion has a visual marketing component. Customers want to see what they're getting when they buy, so displaying clothes from different angles suits them well.

The platform solves these problems and directs traffic to the site. According to statistics, users of this social network can buy 70% more often than those who do not have an account. That is why all business owners are trying to develop their company accounts as quickly as possible and buy real Instagram followers for this.


Business account

What advantages will you get compared to a regular account:


  1. Display contact information in the bio for quick contact with the brand.
  2. Explore analytics. How do your posts work? Does targeted advertising work? Who is your audience, how does it interact with the brand? The social network will give answers to these and some other questions. You will solve the tasks and choose a successful promotion strategy.


This account type collects and displays more information. A useful tool for finding new customers and working with them, warming up subscribers. Changing the type of account is required if the company is serious about promoting an online store.


Call to action and site address in the header

The profile header promotes the brand. It encourages the audience to visit the store's website, a specific product page, or any other section.

How to fill in the bio correctly:


  1. Write an effective call to action, explain to the audience what to do and where to click.
  2. Use emoji for visuals.
  3. Readers love visual text. Highlight important parts, such as a store website.


In the header, you can attach a link to a fresh review of the collection on the platform with a description of the collection and a price for each model. An inspirational video will undoubtedly help you.


Selling and inspiring content

Store content should stand out and interact with the audience. Display juicy, inspiring product photos. Bring the story through the pictures, it attracts everyone, but do not overdo it with advertising: it is very annoying.

Variety solves the problem perfectly: alternate product angles, take pictures both in the background and in the foreground.

Make sure each post matches the style of the profile and is associated with the company. Interesting processing, filters, small inscriptions or watermarks — any feature that allows you to stand out among many other publications.


Content Regularity

Content is your interaction with people and the tool that convinces people to buy your products or services. The more often users see materials, the more loyal they become to the company. If there are no posts, visitors refuse to buy: they forget about the store, lose confidence.

Set up a posting schedule. It's great if it's 1-3 posts a day, 3-10 stories a day and 1-2 live streams a week. With such a schedule, you will always be in front of the eyes of users, and when they need to buy something, they will first of all remember you.


Live streams

Live streaming is an effective way to connect with users and promote products. Share the broadcast from the event, allowing the audience to participate in the life of the brand, see and hear information about the products sold. Broadcast organizers are shown on the main screen and this attracts attention and encourages those who did not receive a mass launch notification to join.

Often customers don't buy if there is no image or product information. Live streams provide a great opportunity to discuss every aspect of the product. Show it from all sides and in application.

During broadcasts, the comments section at the bottom of the screen is active. This allows you to communicate with potential buyers and answer questions as they arise, and get instant feedback. Therefore, it is not only a great way to promote the store, but also a method of building a brand society.