How Many Casinos Are There in Australia in Total

Once it comes to gambling, Australians love to bet. At every chance, Aussie punters stake cash in hope for profit in pokies. You can see this in the number of gaming houses in the country. Right from South Wales to the Northern Territory, gaming houses are everywhere.

We are considering the total number of casinos in this post. As we dive deeper, you will learn about the most popular ones.

What Casinos Are We Referring To?

There are several casinos in Australia. This post isn't about the Australian online casino industry. It is limited to physical buildings where punters get gambling services. These include pubs and clubs that offer poker games, table games, pokie machines, etc. Thus, we only cover licensed gambling facilities in Australia.

Total Number of Casinos

In all, there are a total of 14 gambling houses in Australia. They embody all the standard features where Australians gamble. These are evenly distributed across the country. They are in locations like Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, etc.

There are about 100+ legal gambling facilities in Australia. However, these 14 meet all the criteria of a standard casino house. It makes them the most noteworthy gaming machines providers in the country. Furthermore, the table below shows a list of these 14 casinos and their bases.


Opening Date


The Star

September 1995


Crown Sydney

December 2020


Casino Canberra

July 1994


Lasseters Hotel Casino


Alice Springs

The Star Gold Coast

February 1986

Gold Coast

Mindil Beach Casino Resort



The Reef Hotel Casino


Cairns, Queensland

The Ville Resort-Casino



Treasury Casino

April 1995


SkyCity Adelaide

December 1985


Country Club Tasmania



Wrest Point Casino



Crown Casino Perth

December 1985


Crown Melbourne



The Oldest Casino

Most land-based casinos in Australia go way back to the 80s and 90s. This is because of the old legislation on gambling in Australia. As such, it is fitting we consider them the oldest.

The Wrest Point Casino, 1973

The Tasmanian Casino is Australia's first legal casino. The Federal Group owns and operates the casino. It also has a great architectural design. There are 17 floors in total. The Wrest Point Casino is located where Wrest Point Riviera Hotel once stood. The hotel dates back to 1939 when it was built. This changeover was initiated in the 1960s. Federal Group started pushing for the first casino license.

From appearance, the Wrest Point Casino is a great tower. It offers various hotel and casino services. It offers poker for high rollers, pokies and other gaming machines. So now you know where the rich history of casino gambling in Australia started. Let's take a peek at the most prominent Aussie casino.

The Crown Melbourne Casino

Officially, this casino is the largest in Australia. It is also the biggest gaming machines facility in the Southern Hemisphere. The casino covers a whopping 510,000 square kilometers. It is home to several gambling games. Some of the popular ones are real money poker, table games, card games, etc. Here, you can play pokies with Australian dollars without limitation.

Also, it was initially opened at the North Bank of Yarra. Afterwards, it relocated to the South Bank in 1997. In all, it is one of the largest land-based casinos in the world.

What of Online Casinos?

Why are online casinos not included in the list of commercial gaming houses? The answer is quite apparent. The Australian online casino base is vast. It would take some recording to recount them all. So the reason has nothing to do with inferiority. After all, online casinos offer some of the best services in the industry. Those include slots learning opportunities, like how to play 5 Dragons slot machine.

These services include numerous collections of games like poker and pokies. There are many gaming machines you can play to get the best gaming in Australia. Online casinos in Australia can bring you real money. It is just as physical casino houses do when you play with them.


So there you go, an extensive list of all Aussie legal casino houses. It also came alongside an overview of the most significant ones. Also, online providers are part of the ultimate list.

The land casinos mentioned in this piece are preferred over their online variant. This is due to many reasons. Two main factors that make them stand out are relevance and permanent nature. Some land casinos have existed for nearly 100 years. This is unlike the online ones that come and go.


What's more, nothing beats the real world gaming feeling. From the entertainment from the dealer to interactions with other players. That atmosphere is something that online poker and pokies players can't get.