Here Are a Handful of Smoking Terms That Hobbyists Need to Know

Are you a stoner and looking to expand your smoking terms? There are a lot of new terminologies and words that people say when they are smoking weed, and you feel the need to know them.


If you don’t know them, you might feel left out. You need to learn the basic smoking terminology that is used on the street.


Slang for weed keeps changing over time. There was a time people called weed dubies then came joint, blunt, dope, and pot. Depending on the generation gap, you might find the smoking slang changing.


There are at least 1,200 slang terms which are related to cannabis. Additionally, there are hundreds more used to describe ones state of intoxication.


Here are a handful of smoking terms that hobbyists need to know.



If you are a stoner, then you know 420 as the slang for getting high on 20th April at 4:20 AM or 4:20 PM. What most people don’t know is that the smoking slang originated from an early 1970s group of teenagers who loved pot.


They would meet in San Rafael High School Campus at 4:20 near the statue of Louis Pasteur to smoke weed. This became a ritual for them hence the beginning of 4:20.


710 Smoking Terms

On July 10th, it is the day that people celebrate cannabis concentrates or dabs. A dab is an oil, and when you spell the word oil backward, it spells out as 710. Genius move, right?



This is a smoking terminology used to describe the feeling of getting a dry mouth after smoking weed. You need to keep drinking water when you are smoking weed to avoid this feeling. The cottonmouth makes your mouth feel very dry, and like you don’t have any saliva.


Chewing gums and eating candy helps keep your mouth lubricated. Also, it is easier as compared to drinking water because most people forget to keep hydrated when they are high.



After smoking weed, most people experience munchies. This is feeling hungry and eating a lot. This is associated with the fact that you get an increased ability to smell food, and this causes you to eat a lot.


Also, when you are high, you can smell food better, and your taste buds are more acute. This makes the food taste better, and you can’t get enough of the meal.



Owning a bong is essential to a stoner as it makes smoking look cool and feel great. A bong is a water pipe that is used to smoke weed.


You add water in the bong almost a quarter of the bong and then fit the joint on one side where there is an extension. From there, you start inhaling and blowing smoke from the top of the bong.


Bongs can be artistic, creative, and fun as well as functional. Additionally, you can also have a DIY bong using two bottles of different sizes fitted together.


Some people prefer vaping instead of smoking weed. There are a few vaping maintenance tips that you need to observe to keep your vape clean.



This smoking slang is derived from the legendary actor Bogart. This smoking slang can be explained as taking an unfair share of something. It shows that you are not sharing equally.


The slang is used when someone stays with the blunt for too long instead of passing and keeping a steady chain.


Bottom Line

There are a lot of smoking terms that are used around the street. You might be standing next to someone and not understand that they are talking about marijuana.


The smoking slang keeps evolving with time, and people of different ages and generations have different terms that refer to weed.


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