Guideline On How To Title A College Essay


Before you even start writing your college essay, you must answer the question what the main purpose of the essay title is and why it is so important to title it efficiently. Do not forget that a title bears importance for your essay to be accepted by your professor. If you chose the wrong title, you risk breaking the quality of the college essay you submit. When you select the title, you want to intrigue your reader or your teacher. An engaging title will motivate your teacher to start reading and finding out what your essay is all about. Your title is the first representation of the way you develop your arguments and ideas. It is vital to use proper words while crafting a title if you want to succeed. Do not think that the text of your essay is the only thing that matters. You have to take into consideration every part of your college essay to get positive feedback and the highest grade. 


Many students prefer to use online services. They just type in Google search “someone write my essay” and thousands of services are ready to provide writing services. It is good to practise if you are lucky to find a trustworthy company. Use such services if you lack time. However, if you want to master your essay writing skills, do not delegate this task to other people and learn to do it yourself.


The title of your essay is the first your teacher sees. Make sure that your reader gets the “This essay is interesting” reaction. Choose the title, which motivates people to continue reading to find out your ideas. Your text should showcase your knowledge, ideas, wisdom, and perfect writing skills. 


What are the main qualities of a successful essay title?

Students must know what the main qualities that every essay title should have. As soon as you have a clear idea of the characteristics of a good title, it will be easier to make the right decisions and complete this part of writing successfully.


Eye-catching – this characteristic is obvious. Everyone will agree that no one wants to read text with boring titles. At the same time, even technical text can awaken curiosity if you include an interesting and eye-catching deadline.


Believable – a lot of college students make mistakes by making essay titles even too catchy. Such titles stray away from reality and truth. Never make your title inaccurate or a complete lie. Anyways, your reader will discover the truth by reading.


Easy to read – avoid writing complicated essay titles. Your professor will not appreciate reading strange phrases, uncommon fonts, or complicated structures while reading the title of your submitted college essay.


Active voice – it is recommended to use verbs in the active voice. You can use the passive voice in the essay body, but avoid it in the title. Active voice motivates people for actions, and in your case, to read your college essay.


Brief description of the topic – you should make your title brief and easy to understand. By writing a long or complicated headline, you risk confusing your reader. Do your best to demonstrate your ability for concise writing style.


Accurate – avoid writing an inaccurate college paper title no matter the circumstances or topic. Try to give a clear idea of what your reader is going to see in your essay. Avoid titles which can mislead your reader. It will harm the entire essay quality, and your teacher will not appreciate it.


What are the essential components of a college paper title?

Students who are interested in writing a high-quality essay should build a title, which includes the following components: a catchy idea to introduce the essay in a creative way, and the focus keywords to identify the core concepts you want to explore in the text body.

Creating your essay title

Now you understand all the importance of college essay titles and what qualities they must include. Let’s see how to create them. The following recommendations will help you overcome the writer’s block.


First write the essay, and a title the last

Many students think that it is better to write the title first and then compose the essay. You should try to do the opposite. Such an approach is more beneficial. Professional writers never start with the title. Just compose a few working headlines to focus on the main arguments. When you write your essay first, you will have a clear idea of the perfectly matching title. 


Use the thesis statement

It is another reason to keep the title for the last moment. Your title is supposed to offer your reader the reason for further reading your essay or any other type of college paper. You can find that reason in the thesis statement.


Use popular phrases/clichés

By using well-known and eye-catching sayings, you will create an interesting pun. You just need to re-work and adapt them to the topic of your college essay and title.


The tone of your college paper

When you compose a title, you should consider the tone of your essay, which plays an essential role in the final result. Writing about serious issues, you must avoid silly or funny titles. The title and the tone of your college essay must match each other. 


The success of college essays depends on the developed argument, in-depth research, and the matching title. Every component matters a lot. Hopefully, our recommendations help you stop struggling with finding a perfect headline. This information will help you forget about any frustration, save a lot of time, and compose an informative title to intrigue your readers.