Get To Know Your Hardware With Ease

Our lives have grown to involve technology as an integral part of our every day. We use machines in almost every career that we undertake. Tower based computers, laptops, tablets, printers (in all forms and fashions) and mobile phones. Even if you yourself do not use any machinery in your work, chances are the tools that you use were created by sophisticated machines. The fact is that technical hardware has become as important to us as brushing our teeth. And even that is done by machine based / electronic toothbrushes in today’s world. 

There is however nothing more frustrating, to the average person, than getting a notification that your EDR, ECN or CTM doesn’t want to work anymore. What are these things? What do they do? It doesn’t matter from which angle you view your machine you will never find a marble tile in it. That is because a CTM (in this situation) has nothing to do with tiles. 

Trust The Machine

We are then reliant on taking our machinery to someone that is able to understand this language and we hope that this person will fix the problem for us. But truth is, because so many of us do not understand these terms, we often leave such repair places with a feeling of foreboding, hoping that we are not being ripped off. All because of a language barrier (technical terminology) that we do know how to bridge. Short of signing up for expensive night classes to be able to learn this language there is not much that we can do. And where do you begin to Google the term CTM in your browser, when it gives you “About 3 760 000 results” including ‘Chuckling to Myself’.

NetLingo understood this real sense of feeling helpless and has created a wonderful list filled with technical hardware terms. With the click of a mouse, just like you’d click here for more fun, you can now tell the repair man that your Cable Television Modem (CTM) is broken and you need a replacement for it, if it cannot be fixed. 

Making Life Simple

This easy to use list scrolls down on the left side of your monitor while, explanations of these terms are given to you centre screen. What makes this an even better tool to use, is that NetLingo has also provided other terms within the description of your chosen word, that relates to that which you are reading about. These can be clicked on as links and will then take you down the rabbit hole of technical jargon. Before you know it, you are almost ready to repair your device yourself.  


The hardware terminology doesn’t stop with just the hardware of your device, but it also tells you what the devices themselves are. The next time a coaxial cable comes up in conversation, you will be armed and equipped to be able to talk about either your television, network or very fancy home telephone. In either case, you will know that it is a twisted pair of copper cables used specifically for the carrying of data. How do you know this? NetLingo.