Free Dating Sites Rise to Top in 2020

If you think about, the past 20 years have been just the initial formative years for online dating and dating sites as a whole. Internet dating was still considered taboo less than a decade ago; at least in some circles still is. 


Likewise, this is still true today in more conservative cultures like India. However in the United States and most of the western world paid and free dating sites are now embedded into the fabric of our being. Really. Millions of us literally use them daily and they have become their part of our social lives. That is not going to change. What is changing is that their more frequently becoming a free business model; which is the best news of 2020 in my opinion.


Real Free Dating Sites are Being Used Everywhere but are Rarely Mentioned Online


This time of year our news feeds are typically inundated with lists of what are supposedly all the best dating sites along with those age old tips on how to keep your new year resolution. I actually think I have already read at least 3 articles titled the ‘best dating sites of 2020’ and I am sure I am not alone. 


Worse, these articles are all regurgitating the same boring dating apps and singles sites; sites that I remember from my college days. 


Can’t we get some new free dating sites over here please!!!? Really tho! Most of you reading this know exactly what I mean and will completely agree.


This is where, I have noticed a weird cultural phenomena I wanted to write about. I’m wondering if others have been paying close enough attention to notice it as well. 


Is January the official month of badly researched lists of stale premium dating sites; always being pitched as free...when none of them really are free...or What? Seriously!


Also how come each year these list of so-called top free dating websites always leave off the hookups sites with the most members; sites which all too often tends to really be free as well? 


There are a few reasons why. This is what I came up with…


  1. First off, journalists in traditional news media are typically looking for affiliate and ad partners and their using their vast depth of knowledge about high volume search keywords and a clever pen to push the company line; a bit of wordplay and we can catch a popular seasons search phase and maybe get a new advertiser. In a nutshell, it’s all about getting more revenue for their websites. 
  2. Writers are looking for feel good content but often not online dating experts and they lack the time to try new searches. In turn they do the same thing you do; they search for free dating sites and write about what everyone else does.
  3. The illusion is free is bad. I am here to tell you free is good. :-) 


Tragically, consumers are the ones that pay for not getting a full picture of their free dating options. 


Sure, there are exceptions. I have found a few articles sharing a solid list of good free dating sites but usually it is only those writers who take the time to really dig into the subject who uncover the best totally free dating sites; sites that are on the move in the real world and being talked about as the next big thing.


Free dating is not new, but it has clearly been the biggest trend from the personals industry over the past 5 years. First their was OKcupid and then POF and now there is the ill-conceived Facebook dating. Were not talking about those though, but rather what other up and coming free dating sites are out there?


Online Dating is Shifting Towards Being a Free Ad Based Business 


That was rather long winded, but lots of us want a free dating site that offers a really good user-base and also truly is free! Don’t you? After all, we are giving up access to our eyes each time we browse local singles. That is worth a lot in advertising dollars.


So let’s think about this for a moment. Dating websites are just big databases of people who want to meet other people. These social networks of single people are created by the people who register and write their own profiles. 


So that means all the content is user generated and the product is the users themselves. So why in the heck in a day of high online advertising rates are people still being asked to pay silly monthly fees.  


We’ll All Be Using Dating Sites Free in the Future


People want dating sites free…And most singles under 40 are pretty savvy about internet dating having been single through the first generation of premium dating sites; before free dating sites and apps came along..These folks are probably aware of the plenty of fish search free option is always there but, what other online dating sites offer real free online dating these days? That is the big question.


You may be surprised to learn that one of the biggest free dating sites online is also rarely discussed on those, ‘year-end’ or ‘best of’ lists. While they may not often appear on mainstream news sites notated as one of the top totally free dating sites, the website I am talking about is one of the most discussed new free dating sites. 


The name of that site is simply Free.Date


At Free Date there is no .com is it just and while the site is less than 5 years old,  this free dating site is one of the best places for truly free dating because there is no cost for anything at the website. 


Actually, you could not even pay if you wanted to; it is a free no credit cards required dating site where all the functionality is available to all users and there are no costs to use the site. They make a profit just by displaying ads. 


Now that is true love and economic efficiency all wrapped into a great user experience and exactly what I am talking about! There are others too, this is just one example and why you are good to look around yourself and not rely on those cliche lists you find from a cursory search.


This particular free dating site is also an open dating website and singles network. Meaning you can literally browse without a membership! Pretty neat concept and probably what more of the top dating sites will look like in the future.


Free dating websites are actually good and plenty, there are lots of them online; but it’s for the reasons I shared here that their rarely featured on these year end top lists.As a matter of fact, I had to do quite a bit of research myself to discover Free.Date and in the process I found more than 50 or so cool free dating sites and apps. These all belong on a list of 50 the best free dating sites. Maybe someone else can write that. 


While we’re not much on writing lists, doing rankings, or performing reviews my point is that it seems clear that in future there will be lots of new totally free dating sites because when users create all the content, it’s all about just finding well built platforms that are not charging to host your profile. These are sure to be new and best dating sites of the future.


So as the internet dating market matures let’s all hope we can all look forward to a time when the most popular dating sites will most likely be completely free to use. I don’t know about you, but as a single lady in my 40’s I dream of the day when we all reference good dating sites as just the true free date sites! 


Happy Dating!