Explanation Of Common Terms Used By Vaping Communities

Vaping has been around for a few years, and is increasing significantly in popularity. To those unfamiliar with the industry, the various terms used can be rather confusing. Additionally, new vaping related devices and technology are being developed, adding to an increasingly specialised vocabulary.

For vaping beginners, or those who are unfamiliar with the lingo, here is an explanation of commonly used terms.


It sounds like some or other bizarre, futuristic technology, but is really just a fancy term for a heating element. Every vape comes with a heating element, which is required to heat up the liquid, and turn it into vapour.

Box Mod

As vapes have become increasingly more advanced, so have the designs of the devices. Many modern devices can even be modified as users prefer. This simply means that various parts are made to be specifically interchangeable, allowing them to fit together with little hassle.

A box mod is a large, box shaped battery, allowing for significantly longer battery life. A box mod may also have adjustable settings, allowing the user to specify how the device works on a fundamental level.


Ever vape has a small tank, designed hold liquid. The tank can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging drastically, depending on specific design. Some vapers will buy spare E-tanks that can be quickly swapped in and out of a device for convenience.

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Most vapes have interchangeable coils. The coil is the heating element within the device, and will generally have to be changed after a time, in order to restore the device to full functionality.

Cig A Like

As the name suggests, a cig-a-like is a vape that has been designed to resemble a cigarette. This can range from a vape that is simply cylindrical in shape, to models that even light up when used, imitating a cigarettes burning end.

Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing refers to a vaper who specifically tries to blow the biggest clouds of vapour possible. In some communities the size of the vape cloud created is of huge importance as far as vape design is concerned.

Regulated/ Unregulated Mod

 Most vape mods come with built in restrictions, designed to prevent the device from overheating, and potentially melting. Mods that have this restriction are referred to as regulated, and considered safe to use.

Unregulated mods will not automatically shut off when overheating, and can potentially be dangerous. Unregulated mods are also sometimes referred to as mechanical mods.

Vaper’s Tongue

If a vaper uses the same flavour of liquid for extended periods of time, they may eventually temporarily stop tasting that particular liquid, due to a natural resistance built up by the tongue. A similar natural resistance occurs when someone is exposed to the same odour for a long period, and stops smelling that particular odour.

In the case of vaper’s tongue, the situation can be remedied simply by switching to a new flavour or snacking on healthy snacks in between.