CBD and Marijuana: Is Smoking CBD the Same As Smoking Weed?

There is a lot of information (or misinformation) regarding the use of CBD and marijuana, even after the legalization of marijuana consumption. Finally, learn the difference between smoking CBD and weed with this guide on CBD and marijuana.


Understanding Cannabis

Cannabis is a cannabinoid drug and its main contents include cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is psychoactive and CBD (cannabidiol), which is non-psychoactive. The various ways in which cannabis can be consumed include smoking, eating, and vaporizing.


The consumption of cannabis depends on the form in which it is in. In this case, we shall be looking into CBD oil and weed.


What is CBD Oil

CBD oil is concentrated liquid extracted from Cannabis sativa. This is considered to be medical marijuana and it is claimed that it can cure various ailments, cancer included. CBD does not give consumers a high as THC does.


CBD products can be possessed, sold and consumed legally. According to Forbes, it is estimated that by 2020, the CBD products are going to be a $2.2 billion industry. Although it is an industry with a growing demand, there is a need to attend to the growing concerns about its effects and to distinguish it from the other forms of marijuana.


Side Benefits of Smoking CBD

Although it has not been well researched or documented, it is claimed that CBD oil can cure various illnesses and provide relief when someone has certain conditions.


CBD oil has been used to provide relief from pain and acne and it has also been claimed to cure diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Patients with multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease also use it to combat the symptoms that occur due to the conditions.


In addition to this, CBD oil improves brain functions such as learning and memory. This is because CBD protects the hippocampus, the part of the brain which is responsible for such functions.


Some students have been reported to use CBD during the exam period to give them a good memory of what they have revised. Navigation is also improved by the use of CBD oil.


CBD helps to prevent brain-cell destruction. Therefore, it can be used to manage schizophrenia. Chronic pain management is another side benefit of CBD oil.


Epilepsy treatment is also proving to be promising when using CBD oil. The FDA has approved Epidiolex, a cannabis-based drug, to be used when treating two forms of epilepsy which are rare and severe.


This syndrome has been resistant to the other approved methods of treatment and they also have mixed success rates. CBD oil is also used to aid smokers when they would like to quit smoking. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and anxiety can also be managed by using CBD oil.


Benefits of THC

For you to understand Cannabis Sativa, which is commonly referred to as weed, you need to understand THC. THC is the main element that differentiates weed and CBD oil. Remember, the level of THC will determine the effect of cannabis.

The following are some of the benefits of THC:


Pain Relief

THC is used to provide this medical benefit to many patients who have chronic pain. When consumed, THC blocks the pain signals from being conveyed to your brain.


Easing Nausea and Vomiting

Other types of medication have additional side effects which are severe. Therefore, THC offers a safer alternative to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea.


Brain Cell Protection

Contrary to popular belief, the consumption of cannabis does not kill brain cells because THC is neuroprotectant. It instead protects your neuron system.


Sleep Aiding

THC helps those suffering from sleep apnea and insomnia since it brings about relaxation and improved breathing.


Treatment of PTSD

Patients who suffer from PTSD have crippling moments and the symptoms affect their daily lives. The use of THC eases the symptoms which include anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, depression, and flashbacks.


Stimulation of Brain Growth

Just like CBD, THC is neuroprotectant. It stimulates brain growth and long-term learning ability.


Increasing Appetite

Patients living with conditions such as dementia, hepatitis, eating disorders, and HIV suffer from loss of appetite. THC makes food to taste better and also stimulates hunger. The science behind hunger stimulation is because THC interacts with receptors in the hypothalamus that release the hunger stimulation hormone, ghrelin.


Enhancement of Senses

THC offers psychological relief and benefits. It has been known to enhance creativity and to enable the user to gain more personal insights.


Antibacterial Properties

The cannabis plant produces THC to protect itself from pathogens. Humans can also consume this to protect themselves. The psychoactive property in THC killed bacteria that other drugs such as antibiotics could not.


Antioxidant Property

THC, just like other types of cannabinoids, is a potent antioxidant. It protects the body from oxidative stress-related damage, at both DNA and cellular level. Oxidative stress also leads to skin diseases and accelerated aging. This can be managed by the use of THC.


Inflammation Prevention

Various types of illnesses and conditions cause inflammation. Examples of such conditions include depression, chronic inflammation, and arthritis. Inflammation can be controlled by the use of both CBD and THC.


These cannabis compounds limit the production of cytokine and chemokine, which are the immune compounds which trigger inflammation.


Muscle Relaxation

Patients who have multiple sclerosis experience pain, cramping, and muscle spasticity should opt for CBD treatment. THC has muscle relaxant properties which can ease such conditions.


Anti-Cancer Potential

Cancer is becoming more prevalent worldwide. Since there is no cure, many patients can only manage it.


So far, it has been found that cannabis compounds have the potential capacity to fight cancer. It triggers the cancer cells to destruct and also starve the cells by cutting off their supply of food and oxygen. This is when the cannabinoid blocks the tumor from forming blood vessels.


Another anticancer effect that THC has is stopping the cancer cell from leaving a colony of cancer cells to form another one in another body area. This is proven to be effective on both humans and animals.


In case your pet dog is ailing, you can consider getting CBD for dogs with cancer. The organic oil extracted from marijuana helps you to maintain the vitality and health of your pet.


Anticonvulsant Property

Similar to CBD, THC has anticonvulsant properties and has been successfully used to treat children with epilepsy by reducing the seizure attacks.


Smoking Weed

Smoking marijuana is done mostly as a recreational activity. Unlike medical cannabis, it has no safe consumption level. There has always been a concern about the impact of smoking weed, especially with tobacco.


Effects of Smoking Weed

The immediate and short-term effects of smoking weed included increased appetite and sociability, feelings of excitement and relaxation and a visible effect of having a dry mouth and bloodshot eyes. The memory gets impaired and reflexes become slower and you may experience mild paranoia.


The frequency and quantity of weed smoked determine the extent of the long-term effects. The effects of heavy and regular consumption of weed include dependence on and tolerance to the effects of cannabis as well as reduced cognitive functioning. Since the breathing organs are used frequently, cannabis smokers may also experience asthma, bronchitis and sore throats.


If weed is smoked with tobacco, there is a risk of getting cancer. Some may be affected mentally by experiencing depression, anxiety and psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.


Cannabis and the Law

The law allows the use of medicinal cannabis, since it is not psychoactive, as discussed earlier. On the other hand, THC is psychoactive since it impairs the mental and motor abilities. You may get arrested if you are found to be driving under the influence of drugs.


While it may be legal to possess or smoke in designated areas, you will be putting yourself in a not so pleasant position with authorities if you are found smoking weed publicly. CBD is consumed in recommended doses whereas weed is consumed recreationally and depending on the tolerance, the user determines how much weed they shall smoke.


The side effects brought about by CBD oil provide medicinal pain relief and management, whereas, the psychoactive side effects brought by smoking weed may cause the smoker to harm themselves or others.


Cancer cells are killed by using CBD oil but smoking weed together with tobacco brings about the risk of getting cancer. Therefore, it can be concluded that CBD oil is more beneficial than smoking weed. You can also take caution and ensure that you do not purchase cancer treatments that are being sold illegally.


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If you’re pro-smoking, you can consider smoking CBD to capitalize on the health benefits it offers.


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