Breakthrough Technologies of 2020


Founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1899, MIT Technology review is an internationally recognised independent media organisation. Their analysis, insight, interviews, live events, and reviews detail the newest technologies and what their impact on our lives will be commercially, politically, and socially. 

The trends outlined here are predicted to become realities in the next 10 years, changing businesses and our world. And while many are very scientific, almost all can apply to industry.

Anti-Aging Drugs

In as soon as five years time, researchers will be finding drugs that can treat ailments based on our bodies’ natural aging processes. This means big things for diseases like cancer, dementia, and heart disease, which are age-related, since they will become more treatable when we slow down the aging process.

Climate Change Attribution

It is now possible for researchers to detect what role climate change is playing in terms of extreme weather conditions. Thanks to this discovery, scientists are more capable of preparing us for severe weather conditions.  

Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy is the name for a technique the American government is currently using as it collects information for this year’s census. The US Census Bureau has encountered challenges around keeping the data it gathers privacy, but this tactic anonymises it. It’s something other countries will also soon be adopting according to the MIT report. 

Digital Money



More and more industries are starting to accept digital money, or cryptocurrency, including big operators like AT&T, Microsoft, online gambling casinos, and fast-food franchises like Burger King and KFC! It’s set to become even more widely used this year but there are concerns for the impact this trend will have on financial privacy. This is due to the need for an intermediary receding.

Hyper-Personalized Medicine

Medicine looks set to be a massive area when it comes to innovation in 2020, with doctors and researchers already designing new drugs to successfully treat distinctive genetic mutations. These kinds of specialised remedies could cure ailments that have been untreatable until now. 

Mega-Constellations of Satellites

Satellites are so small nowadays, and relatively cheap, that it has become possible to send up entire clusters. This is going to have a huge impact on communication, navigation, observation and all the other things we rely on them for. 

This breakthrough means that satellites could give the whole world high-speed internet and applications of mega-constellations are currently in the testing phase at several established companies, including Amazon, OneWeb, and Telesat.

Tiny AI

In a breakthrough that is as interesting as it is surprising, Tiny Artificial Intelligence is coming to the fore this year. It is thanks to how quickly AI is growing and it’s already become hugely more functional. This trend is set to continue as it becomes possible for Tiny AI to run independently on smartphones and wearables. This will mean that devices no longer need the cloud to use features driven by AI. 

Unhackable Internet

By as soon as 2025 we could reach a point where the internet has been rendered unhackable! The MIT report disclosed that researchers are currently using Quantum Encryption to make this a reality. It’s become even more of a priority as concerns around the privacy of our data heighten.