Best hand lettering design courses: online opportunities


Have you ever wondered how people create those amazing artistic letter designs that attract your attention and make you connect or reflect on a certain piece of content? The skill that's necessary to create such wonderful pieces of art is called hand lettering and it's more than just well-trained handwriting. The marketing strategies develop and bring changes and new trends within the industry, one of these trends includes the need to think beyond the context of your message but its form as well. As a relatively new trend in design, hand lettering classes are becoming more popular with aspiring artists. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best hand lettering design courses you could reach out to online.

The benefits and practical use of attending a hand lettering course

The more skills you have the more valuable you are on the market. These courses are extremely beneficial to design students because they can work on their skills and be prepared for the time when they leave college. It's also a good job opportunity, as you could offer your talents as a freelance designer, create covers and graphics for services that provide assignment writing help in Australia, or individual students who need help with their design solutions. But let’s take a closer look at what each of them has to offer.

Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips guide you through the basic principles of design which will allow you to understand the fundamental elements of modern design. The 35-minute class also provides you with enough examples and demonstrations that you could use for practice and inspiration for your original ideas. As it's said, the course includes the basic design elements, including symmetry, framing, scale, hierarchy, and grids. 

Hand Lettering: Add Digital Color and Texture for Final Polish

In this hand lettering class, those who already have some basic skills learn how to finalize their design. During the four hour course, viewers can take a look at some useful tips and tricks on how to add colors, change the texture of the objects, as well as some masterful finishing moves that make the letters stand out. 

Vintage Hand-Lettering: Styling Phrases for Timeless Appeal

In a 90 minutes-long hand lettering course, Mary Kate McDevitt explains step by step process of creating a unique vintage design inspired by an existing vintage package. As the class moves along, you have the chance to practice your coloring, sketching, lettering, and layout abilities. Those who have problems overcoming a segment of the class can easily replay the challenging aspect of the course until they master it. 

The Golden Secrets of Script Lettering: Find Inspiration In Your Handwriting

If you’re looking for a hand lettering course that will equip you with enough skill to transform everyday handwriting into masterpieces of lettering than Martina Flor’s one-hour course is the optimal solution. This simple, but very organized and well-held class contains topics that explain writing with various tools, how to improve your sketching, flourishes, practically all the elements required to make a wonderful design out of simple handwriting elements. 

Storytelling Through Lettering: Exploring Different Styles

In this lettering class, you’ll get the chance to learn some typography techniques that will allow you to present a deeper meaning of your content through creative use of letter design. This course is intended for both beginner and advanced students who wish to enhance their lettering skills. In just above 60 minutes, you will understand how each type of letter has its own tone and represent a different style. 

Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time

Ever wanted to learn how to create original drop cap letters that people would admire and want to use in their own projects? Jessica Hische is an illustrator and gifted letterer who will guide you through 14 lessons that you have to go through in order to build your drop cap creating skills. You’ll learn about the basics of lettering, sketching, brainstorming ideas for inspiration, and much more.

Calligraphy for Beginners 1 – The Foundational Styles of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is as old as the written word, one might argue. In this 100-minutes long course, calligrapher Jackson Alves will guide you through the fundamental techniques of the art of skillful writing. In addition, Jackson is sharing his method of crafting the perfect calligraphy pen that will allow you to create your own letters. In just 13 lessons you will practice surface preparation, warming up exercises, basic strokes, and writing.

Water brush Lettering Essentials

As opposed to other lettering classes, this one is teaching you how to use your water brush in order to create a beautiful greeting card that you can send to someone you love or just use the knowledge you obtain during the 16-lessons long online course to start a career. In just above an hour, Teela Cunningham will show you various methods and techniques you could use for water brush lettering as well as some interesting color effects that you could use to decorate your design.

Digitizing Calligraphy from Sketch to Vector

In this class, Molly Suber Thorpe is sharing her knowledge and experience generated as a freelance calligrapher to teach you the basics of modern flourishes that can add elegance and style to any lettering design without laying out the vintage vibe. In addition, Molly will run you through the process of digitizing your content through scanning and use of software tools.

Calligraphy Essentials: From First Script to Final Flourish

In more than 90 minutes, divided into 15 segments, famous designer and calligrapher Seb Lester shows his view on some of the most elemental properties of calligraphy. In this online course, you will learn everything from necessary materials for the craft, basic strokes, warm-up exercises, to writing letters and words. In the end, you also have a small assignment to write your name using the knowledge and skill you’ve acquired during the session. 


These online courses are made for a wide array of students, from rock-bottom beginners to aspiring designers looking for a way to enhance their skill set and build up already acquired abilities. The teachers are proven masters of their craft with successful careers and fruitful history of successful projects. It's up to you to choose if you are going to decide for basic or advanced level classes, just make sure you soak up as much knowledge as you can.

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