Best Casinos Where You Can Deposit Only €1.00!


With a euro in your pocket, you can't do much in the luxury casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. With a little luck, you can play online with a euro. Of course, you have to find a “1 euro deposit casino”.

You are lucky! On this page, we will help you on your way. We list the best casinos where you can make deposits starting from € 1.00. That was quite a search because at most casinos the minimum deposit is a €50.00 or at least €20.00.

The Best €1 Casinos

Let's get straight to the point. Below you will find an overview of the best casinos where you can already deposit from € 1.00.

Amigo Wins

Although Amigo Wins Casino is still new to the beach, it is an ideal place for all the fun seekers from all over the world. This site has a rich and unique game library. Also, it offers new and loyal players lots of great promotions and rewards and has a great VIP programme. Moreover, Amigo Wins offers a dedicated platform for smartphone and tablet users. You can deposit on this site using a wide range of payment methods and the deposit limits start from only €1!

Lady Linda Casino

Lady Linda Casino is one of the best casinos outside of GameStop. This site offers its visitors all gambling options including casino games, sports betting, live casino games, and other great options. This site works very smoothly on all types of smartphones and tablets. Lady Linda is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Commission and supports many payment methods. The minimum deposit at Lady Linda Casino starts from just €1.

Milky Wins Casino

If you want to enjoy a unique gaming experience, you should join Milky Wins Casino! Although this site was launched not long ago, the team behind this site managed to mark all the chests that players are looking for. New players on this site get a special welcome bonus of 4 stages. The minimum deposit starts from just 1 euro.

Why Are There Few €1 Deposit Casinos?

The main reason that most casinos set a minimum deposit of € 10.00 or €20.00 is of course the cost aspect. For instance, processing an iDEAL transaction costs €0.30 to €0.50 per payment.

Suppose that the costs at a certain casino are €0.50 per transaction. On an amount of € 1.00, the casino already has to pay half of the transaction costs for the payment.

There are also very few players who deposit a euro. Most players deposit a few tens and are therefore perfectly fine with a minimum deposit amount of, for example, 10 euros.

Why Do Some Casinos Still Accept 1 EUR Deposit?

It is important that you choose a reliable casino. Especially if you only want to deposit 1 euro only. For casinos, accepting a minimum deposit of €1.00 is a loss. And therefore not interesting.

So why do some casinos do this anyway? To get your data. If you want to deposit 1 euro in the casino online, you will have to create an account and thus give your details. Casinos make a loss on your 1 euro deposit, but get your data relatively cheaply. Compare it with, for example, a no deposit bonus or no deposit free spins, which also cost the casino money.

What Can You Do With €1 in the Casino?

1 euro seems little (and it is), but with a bit of luck, you can have fun with it for a while in the online casino.

The longest you can play on the so-called 1 cent slots. These are slots with a minimum bet of €0.01 per spin. You then play with one payline and a bet of € 0.01 per payline.

On a 1 cent slot machine, you can play at least 100 spins. And even then you can win big. For example, on Mega Moolah you can already play for €0.01. You also have a chance at the million-dollar jackpot. Even with a deposit of just one euro, you can become a multi-millionaire.

In addition, there are many slots with a minimum bet of € 0.05 or € 0.10. Starburst, for example. Thanks to the high hit frequency – there is often a price on Starburst – with a bit of luck you can do with your euro.

In the live casino, you can settle less with a euro. The minimum bet is often € 0.50, which means that you are ready after two losing rounds! An exception is the so-called “Auto Roulette” games. These are automated live roulettes without a dealer. Here you can often already play from €0.10.

Disadvantages of Depositing €1 at a Casino

The main disadvantage is that you will see the casino bonus pass you by. For a bonus usually a minimum deposit of € 10.00 or € 20.00 applies. This also has to do with costs. It is not profitable for a casino to give a bonus on a deposit of € 1.00.