Apps to Help You Get Your Life Together


These days, there are apps that can work miracles for our well-being. They can lessen stress and help us implement the changes we need to make to start creating better lives. And whether you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, find more focus, or finally committing to regular meditation, these little software packages are for you! 

Daily Yoga

Downloading the Daily Yoga app opens up a free collection offering 6 programmes and 13 sessions along with an 80% discount on a paid subscription. 

Beginners can access guided classes to help them get comfortable with the basics before they progress on to the more advanced classes and flows, and more experienced yogis can call on world-class teachers to assist them anytime.


The Goodreads app allows users to find, get, and share the books they love. It’s the biggest site for readers on earth when it comes to recommendations, and almost 80 million members have added over 2 billion books to their shelves.

Do you need to improve your online blackjack? Read reviews on books offering instruction and save it to a Want to Read shelf. Are you fond of self-help literature? Get personalised recommendations based on your taste. Don’t know what new literature is making waves? Browse the featured books according to genre and discover new titles you’ll love. 

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the No. 1 free meditation app worldwide. Users can listen to guided meditations and talks by the experts on mindfulness, psychologists, and lecturers from halls as hallowed as Harvard, Oxford University, and Stanford. Music tracks from great artists are provided and you’ll be calming your mind, managing stress, sleeping better, reducing your anxiety, and improving your happiness before you can say Great Apps of 2020!

Over 100 new free guided meditations are added on a daily basis and this software package is for everyone, beginners and experts alike. 

Free features include 40 000+ guided meditations, the ability to sort them by time as you build a habit that fits into your daily life, and ambient sound and music to calm your mind. You can increase your focus, relax, and follow your favourite teachers. Statistics and milestones will track your progress. 

Browsing by topic is helpful too, so you can highlight areas where you’re having trouble. Topics here include Sleep, Anxiety and Stress Reduction, help with Recovery and Addictions, and Self-Love and Compassion. You can also work at improving your Focus and Concentration, reveal the Leadership within, and work at creating Better Relationships.

Waking Up

Waking Up is a guide to understanding how your mind works in order to harness it to start living a more balanced, fulfilling life. The Real Practice takes users beyond the basics of stress reduction and allows them to discover things for themselves and the Rational Theory aspect grounds meditation in practical wisdom and a rational understanding of the world. 

Waking Up includes guided meditations, an introductory course, daily meditations, lessons on the nature of the mind, philosophy, and science, and long-form talks with an incredible range of scholars and teachers.