A Few Interesting Online Casino Facts

There are more online gamblers in the world now then there ever have been, and that number is increasing on a daily basis. But the iGaming world is also a relatively young one, which means that major strides and evolutions are occurring on a regular basis.

Take a look at a few of the more interesting facts regarding online casinos, and the iGaming world in general.

Majority Male Market

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts of all is that that the iGaming world is overwhelmingly dominated by male gamblers. Statistics show that 84% of all online gamblers are men. This is in contrast to a market such as online video games, which is almost an exact 50/50 split of male and female players.

A Big Slice Of The Internet

If taking all active internet users in the world into account, around 11% make use of online gambling services. This is an incredible amount, considering that by statistics, roughly 4.57 billion people use the internet.

Age Gap

More interesting still is that online casinos are largely dominated by those over the age of 30. According to research, most online gamblers are over 30, and the most active users will spend roughly 3 to 5 hours at casino sites. However, the younger generation are far less interested in gambling games, and prefer to play video games that do not involve making wagers. This is probably due to the younger generation growing up playing video games from a very young age.

Pioneers Of The Industry

Keeping in mind we’re only taking into account casino games, and not live betting, Microgaming was the first ever company to officially launch a gambling site. This occurred in 1994, which is considerably earlier than most may assume. Of course the site was extremely simplistic in comparison to contemporary versions, but still functioned the same at its core. Microgaming are still in business, and now one of the biggest iGaming companies in the world.

Another Pioneer

Soon after Microgaming paved the way, other sites dedicated to gambling quickly began to follow in their footsteps. PlanetPoker launched in 1998, and was the first site dedicated entirely to playing Poker online.

Slots Are King

Many assume that when it comes to casinos, land based or online, that it must be games like Blackjack or Roulette that attract the most attention. But in both brick and mortar establishments and on dedicated sites, slots overwhelmingly get the most attention, and make the most money. In the average online casino slots are responsible for roughly 85% of all revenue generated. Basically the same statistics apply to land based establishments. In other words; slots are literally the backbone of casinos around the world.

Lucky Numbers

Lastly, it has been found that virtually every Roulette player has a lucky number. Regardless of how they bet from spin to spin, when asked, almost all Roulette players have a lucky number that they will eventually go back to. Which number it is will differ, of course, but the most common lucky numbers are 7 and 21.