5 Top Tips to Survive Your First Date After Meeting Someone Online

You’ve talked with this person you met online via chat and phone for countless months, but now you’re ready to take it to the next step and meet in person. Meeting someone online is common as apps like Tinder made talking to people in your area simple.


It can be daunting to finally meet this person because you never know what to expect. Will they act and look the same as before? Will they like you? Don’t worry because we’ve put these tips together to help you survive the first meeting of the online love of your life.


Keep Your First Date Simple

You may want to splurge and create a magical night that the other person may never forget, but that could be a mistake. What if things don’t go so well and you’ve spent all this money and created a multi-hour itinerary?


Keep it simple and just do a nice dinner at a romantic restaurant. If things go bad, you can politely exit after the meal. If things go well, then you can follow it up with an impromptu dessert or other activity.


Stay away from high-cost and long first date adventures and save it for further down the line.


Look Your Best When Meeting Someone Online

You may have spent hours talking and chatting with this person online via The Chatline Guide. You can know everything about them and feel incredibly comfortable. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your first in-person meeting as anything other than a first date.


You should look your best because this is the first time they see the real you. There’s no Snapchat filters or phone static to hide behind. Keep it classy and do your best to impress your date. If things go well and you date for a while, you can lower your wardrobe to something more casual.


Enjoy the Conversation

If you’ve never talked or if spent hours listening to each other on the phone, it’s important to keep a good conversation when meeting in person. Keep the conversation positive and ask about the other person and feel free to open up about yourself.


Be a good listener and don’t interrupt she the other person is speaking. Also, make sure you don’t take over the conversation. Meeting someone can me you nervous and before you know it, you’re babbling on about your 6th-grade art teacher.


Don’t Worry If Things Aren’t Perfect

When we talk to someone but don’t see them, we have this tendency to create a larger than life persona. It’s the perfect version of this person. Sadly, no one can live up to those expectations.


If the first few minutes don’t go how you plan or the person isn’t quite as perfect you pictured, keep an open mind. Talk to them and let the conversation relax you both. It’s the first date, so it’s going to be a little nerve-wracking for everyone.


Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself

The Internet can be a dangerous place, so it’s best to protect yourself until you’re comfortable with the other person. Meet at the destination, and do not give out your address.


Always have an out in case things aren’t going well. Have a person call you to fake an emergency or something so you can quickly escape if the night turns sour.


Don’t drink too much where your judgment can be impaired and keep an eye on your drink.


Have a Good Time

Meeting someone online can be the start of something wonderful and it all begins with that first in-person date. Follow these tips and everything will go fine. Whether it turns out to be a love connection or not, at least you tried.


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