5 Tips for Blowing Bigger Clouds While Vaping

Are you a steady member of the vape nation? Are you ready to start blowing bigger clouds? 


It's time you learned about the best ways to step up your cloud chasing game. All it takes are some simple insights and the right vape to get started. That said if you're looking for the quickest way to blow next-level clouds, keep reading for some useful tips. 


1. Open Your Air Holes

Air holes are your vapes way of letting out more vapor. If you want to learn how to blow bigger clouds, you can make alterations to your vapes airholes, giving you way more vapor and larger clouds. You can also buy kits and premade vapes that do the exact same thing. 


2. Open Your Lungs

When you're inhaling for bigger hits, try inhaling directly to your lungs. This allows a vaper to get a larger hit overall. This technique might be harsh at first, making you cough and salivate, but after a short amount of time, you'll be used to it. 


Moreover, when you're lung hitting, try taking as much time as you can to inhale. The longer and slower of a hit you take, the larger of a cloud you'll have built up. 


3. Target RDAs 

One of the best vape mod for clouds is an RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer), which lets chasers build their own coils. Vapers then have the ability to add and remove their coils anytime they want. The exchange is worth it, providing that you're okay to add your e-juice manually after major hits. 


4. Choose The Right Liquids 

When you're looking for the best liquids for big clouds vaping, make sure that you know the proper ratios between propylene glycol (a major additive in almost all e-juices) and vegetable glycerin (a cloud thickness additive). For big clouds beginners, simply try picking juices with high amounts of VG. 


5. Always Get Good Batteries 

The equation is simple, the more giant clouds that you produce, the faster your battery tanks. To avoid this, you can simply choose your cloud-practicing wisely, or you can buy a battery with a long life. 


When you're searching for the best batteries to buy, look for those that are rechargeable and sport high drain features. If you don't have the time or money, you can always start practicing efficient cloud techniques. One of these is to make sure you learn breathing patterns that save vapor or use a ton of vapor. 


Start Blowing Bigger Clouds 

New vape mods are making it easier to blow bigger clouds. All kinds of new devices are coming out, allowing enthusiasts or amateurs to have more fun vaping.


Are you ready to blow away other vapers? If so, then it's time you started on the right equipment. 


Your next step to action is simple, cast a wide net and do the research on the best vape suppliers you can find. When you're convinced you to have the right mod and have followed the tips listed above, you'll be off with crazy big clouds.


Don't wait around, use these tips today!