Wedding gowns are expensive, delicate, and incredibly important to the wedding day experience. If you’re planning to buy one, you should know a few things about wedding gowns that will help make your process smoother and more enjoyable, from what materials they’re made of to how they’re cared for after the big day. No matter how your dress was made, there are some things you didn’t know about a wedding gown.

Not all brides want white gowns

Don’t let anyone try to convince you that if you want to look like a real bride, your wedding dress should be white. Traditionally, it's true that brides have worn white dresses as a symbol of purity and virginity on their wedding day, but we're in an age where women can wear whatever they want. If you've already been married before, there's no need to conform and wear white again; think about wearing one instead: cream, gray, or pink are all viable options for a second wedding dress. These are all available at MoissaniteCo, an online store that sells all types of wedding-related products—Don't let anyone make assumptions about your character based on your choice of gown color.

Size doesn’t matter

It’s easy to get caught up in how a gown looks on a hanger, but your size can change once you walk down that aisle. Even though wedding gown shopping is supposed to be fun, please don’t fall into the trap of only considering dresses that fit as soon as you try them on. Be realistic about what you need your dress to look like and feel like when you wear it on your skin. A well-fitting dress is essential to ensuring you have a fantastic wedding day. 

The value of a good seamstress

You may not know that a bride’s wedding gown, despite its delicate appearance, is no simple piece of clothing. It requires hours of work and precision. A wedding dress can be made of two extremes – either designed and sewn by an individual seamstress or collected from a significant store who have mass-produced it to fit all body types. 

Those veils can get heavy

Few people know how much wedding gown veils weigh. Most veils are made of silk or tulle and range from 8 to 16 yards in length. Bridal gowns typically lug around 12 pounds of a veil on their heads during their special day—and some unlucky ladies may be wearing 24 pounds of fabric. Fortunately, there is a solution: MoissaniteCo has created light-as-air synthetic jewelry to suit the ideal wedding gown. With just 0.2 grams per stone, you won’t feel weighed down on your big day.

It's all about the back


Many people believe that wedding gowns are all strapless, but in reality, almost half of wedding dresses still have a different neckline. It’s easy to get caught up in what you see on Pinterest and magazine covers, but there’s no reason to limit yourself. Go for it if you want sleeves or straps or even a plunging neckline. It doesn’t matter what other people think about your dress choice because when it comes down to it, your dress is only meant for one person: you. So go ahead and rock whatever neckline you like best. No more excuses—get out there and find your dream dress.