5+ Essay Writing Mistakes Freshers Often Make

More than half of high school students experience difficulties with writing assignments. Did you use to be among those lucky ones who never found such tasks daunting? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to deliver your college or university papers with the same ease. 

Once you graduate from school, many things change – your environment, lifestyle, and the academic demands that you have to meet. Particularly, the criteria by which your tasks will be evaluated, and the very format of the essays will be different. 

To help you avoid common problems with academic papers, we’ve put together a list of the essay writing mistakes freshers often make. Study it thoroughly and try to steer clear of all that’s mentioned there! 

But before we move on, there’s one more thing we need to say. Sometimes, however hard you try, you can’t manage to do all the assignments on time. In such cases, you can always ask for help on EssayHub write my essay service. There’s nothing wrong with that! 

Now, let’s proceed with our list. 


Poor Time Management 

Probably the most common essay writing mistake among freshers is poor time management. High school essays are shorter and easier to write than complex college papers. Thus, when newly arrived college students try to force writing their papers into the same time frame that they’re used to, they inevitably fail. 

The right thing would be to divide your writing process into stages and assign a certain time frame to each. It’s also better not to schedule working on everything at once: give yourself some extra time. 

Also, be careful not to leave referencing for the last minute. Better avoid the mistake made by those who’ve already lowered their grades by doing so! 

Using Informal Writing Style and Language 

Academic essays are formal papers that have to be written in a respective writing style. Informal language could do well for your high school movie review, but it will hardly be relevant in a college paper. 

If you don’t know how to use formal style properly, find this out. There’s a lot of information on this topic, plus you can always go to your college library or check out what a writing center has to offer. Knowing how to write formally will help you immensely, both in your academic and professional careers. 

The Abundance of Vague Structures

Any essay must have a clear structure – even the simple reviews and summaries you used to prepare in high school. The same applies to your college papers. The difference is in the structure itself: it’s much more complicated in high-level academic writing. 

Your tutors will give you some overview of the topic, and you’d better listen attentively and take notes. However, if you fail to do that, there are plenty of essay writing guides and blog articles with all the necessary information. Study them before beginning to work on your assignment! 

Poorly Developed Arguments & Insufficient Evidence 

Another big problem for freshers is underestimating the significance of arguments and evidence. In college and university papers, arguments should be convincing, and evidence must be reliable. 

Remember that solid evidence is something that can be proven with something more than just your personal opinion. College is all about getting to work with credible sources. 

As for the arguments, just be aware that you have to do more than just mention them briskly. You are to bring sufficient evidence to persuade the readers. 

It’s also a good idea to train your writing skills and learn how to use arguments when discussing everyday topics. For this purpose, you can use a journal or a blog. Here are some content ideas for you to start with! 

Forgetting to Cite Sources 

If we have to bring evidence from outside sources, it’s natural that those sources are to be cited, isn’t it? Still, many students skip this step – and thus get lower grades. 

Don’t fall into this trap. Leave enough time for references. Always write down your resources while making notes (you know you have to make them, do you?), and learn all about the formatting style preferences at your college. 

And More… 

There are also some common essay writing mistakes that all students make, regardless of their academic level. Here they are: 

All of them are very easy to avoid if you are diligent and attentive enough. So, just remember about mistake #1 from our list and leave sufficient time to deal with these minor problems! 

Wrapping Up 

Whether you like writing academic papers or not, there’s no way to avoid doing that during your student years. What’s more – college and university papers are more complex than high school essays, and they require more time and effort. 

To make your writing process easier and avoid unnecessary stress, study our list of common essay writing mistakes that freshers make and abstain from them!